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Indy Circuit Wraps Up With Celebrity Horse Race!

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By: Brittany Bevis

The 2019 Indy Circuit took place June 1-4 in New Castle, Indiana, and wrapped up on Tuesday with the always popular Celebrity Horse Race! Quarter horse competitors took over the Hoosier Park racetrack for a fun evening to watch “celebrities,” Chris Jones, Judd Paul, and Garth Gooding, ride along in a harness race. In the end, Chris Jones was named the champion with Hollywood Dun It. The driver of this team was Joey Putnam, and the trainer was Krista Harmon.

Back at the horse show, AQHA competitors showed to judges, Carly Parks, Keith Miller, David Denniston, and Gigi Bailey during the four-day event. With the IQHA State Show to follow, June 6-8, with judges, Buddy Fisher, Michael Ochetto, Danielle Burns, and Tina Anderson, the two show combo will provide a total of eight shows.

Congratulations to the High Point Champions at the Indy Circuit!

The Small Fry Champion was Elden Fredenberg with MWS Flashed N Chock. The Reserve Champion was Isabella See with For The Life Of Me. The L1 Amateur Walk Jog Champion was Lori McNeelan with Hard Rockstar. The Reserve Champion was Katherine Zimmerman with Izzy A Hilfiger.

The L1 Youth Walk/Jog Champion was Collin Froman with Assets Miss Reba. The Reserve Champion was Hannah Nichols with Penelope Cruze. The Open Champion was Cruize for Stephanie Janis. The Reserve Champion was Lazy Boy for Jolene Mierzejewski. The L1 Amateur Champion was Hannah Menchhofer with Outrageously Dashing. The Reserve Champion was Hillary Chaney with Made In The Moonlite.

The Amateur Champion was Cassidy Jensen with Chocolatey Special K. The Reserve Champion was Kaleena Weakly with Dontskipmygoodimage. The Select Champion was Sara Ann Fransen with FF Hope Floats. The Reserve Champion was Janet Golf with Hes Forever Good.

The L1 Youth Champion was Cassidy Fritz with Sleep Walking. The Reserve Champion was Ashley Yoder with Pretty And Good. The 13 & under Champion was Brianna French with The Next To Escape. The Reserve Champion as Sarah French with Justa Chocolate Kiss. The 14-18 Champion was Ellexxah Maxwell with Zips Bossy Chip. The Reserve Champion was Cora Myers with Good N Certain.


(courtesy of An Equine Production)

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Circuit Champions 

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