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In Loving Memory of The Snooty Fox (1991-2020)

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By: Brooke Victoria Ingstad

How does one say goodbye to the horse that built them? To the animal that changed their life? The truth is, as I have come to find, you don’t. A piece of your heart will forever be with them, and, in return, a piece of their heart will always be with you. I have learned that a horse that lives to be 29 years old, 14 of those years spent by your side, becomes part of you. You carry him with you forever.

The Snooty Fox passed away peacefully the morning after my now husband, Jordan, and I got married. Although there is never a good time to lose an animal, I personally felt the timing couldn’t have been more heartbreaking. From the high to the low, it was the most emotional 24 hours of my life. As I have tried to process it all, I can’t help but feel maybe Snooty knew all along.

This horse has been with me since I was just a girl. He had seen so many milestones and phases of my life- from my first day of ninth grade in high school and graduating from TCU to being right there when I got engaged. Maybe he wanted to know that I finally had my wedding day. Maybe he knew that I now had somebody who could care for me and support me through the pain of losing of him. Maybe he knew that I’d found someone who loved me the way he has all these years and felt at peace and ready with that.

It would be impossible to sum up all the memories and stories I have with Snooty. I contemplated including everyone whose lives have been touched by this horse, but then I realized that it would be impossible as he has impacted so many. Some of my favorite memories of Snooty were due to his naughtiness- like always getting away from me on the longe line or trying to buck me off three years ago at a photo shoot. Although he was full of attitude, Snooty had an incredibly kind heart bursting with so much gusto and presence. He had an endless capacity to love and to be loved.

Snooty helped me accomplish so much in my show career when we traveled around the country together for years. However, the trophies and medals are nothing compared to the life lessons he taught me. No horse has made me laugh harder, cry harder, try harder, and love harder than him. He was a larger than life character who won so many people’s hearts. I know he will have one hell of a welcoming party up in Heaven. If you have a memory of Snooty, I would love you to share it with me.

So many people went into giving this horse such an incredible life, but I would especially like to thank Brett Clark and Johnna Letchworth for the impeccable care that you gave to him, especially during the later years of his life when he needed it most. My family and I will never be able to repay you for helping us give him the life we all knew he deserved. To my wonderful, now husband, Jordan Weir, thank you for your endless compassion and understanding. I’m so lucky to have you.

Lastly, thank you Snooty. I hope you know how loved you are. I hope you know that at our wedding the speciality cocktail was named after you. I promise that on every anniversary we will enjoy “The Snooty Fox” cocktail and toast to you.

I hope you enjoyed the life we gave you. I know that animals are smarter than humans when it comes to life and death, and, for that reason, I trust your timing and find peace in that. Showing you, loving you, and calling you mine will forever be one of the greatest honors of my life.

The Snooty Fox

05/05/1991- 12/06/2020

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