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In Loving Memory of “Im With You”

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Photo credit: Shane Rux Photography

By Chelsea E Carlson

It is hard to find the right words in the face of shock, denial, grief, and loss. Yesterday evening I received a call no one wants to get. In the blink of an eye, and in the day to day monotony, all it takes is for one thing to go slightly off course for your world to turn upside down.

“I’m With You”, affectionately known as “Queen Ruby” in our barn, was laid to rest in the wake of a tragic accident. We’ve had Ruby in our lives for over 5 years and I hadn’t planned on having to type anything like this for at least another 10-15.

Ruby was a show horse through and through. Getting cleaned up to show was a favorite of hers. She loved the attention and reveled in the spotlight. She was the one you could take in back to back classes all day and she would pull through and be honest each time out. It was an honor to be a partner with her in the pen. She taught me to fall in love with the trail. Her dependability was something to be thankful for. Watching her and Clare compete together was like watching a dance. They proved themselves as a team multiple times, and our plan was to hopefully bring her back this year to finish her superior in the trail while we pulled embryos. I had always dreamed of having her foals to ride someday and unfortunately will never get the opportunity.

Photo credit: Impulse Photography

But more than all of that, Ruby was just a great horse to be around. She loved us. We were her people. It breaks my heart Clare and I couldn’t be there to say goodbye. I wish it was all under different circumstances. And the pain I feel for my mom having to handle the situation on her own is unmeasurable. Time heals all, but it will take us some time to process and accept why we had to lose her so suddenly. For now, my heart hurts.

Im With You

RLBOS x Ima Cool Robin



“There are friends and faces that may be forgotten, but there are horses that never will be” – Andy Adams


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