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In Loving Memory of Harley D Zip (1995-2021)

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By: Brittany Bevis

It is with great sadness that we must relay news of the passing of one of the great Quarter Horses of all time. Harley D Zip was laid to rest on August 3, 2021 following a long and full life, both in the show pen and at his home in South Dakota.

We received this special message from owner, Kerry Papendick, that details exactly what Harley meant to her family.

“Harley was gently laid to rest in a beautiful pasture under the cottonwood trees on August 3, 2021. A legend in the Western Riding arena during his show career, Harley has enjoyed an easy retirement at Highview Ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota since 2013.

“Harley won multiple championships at the Congress, at AQHA World shows, at AQHYA World shows, and at the NSBA World shows for each of the Papendick ladies: both Kristina and Ali in youth and amateur, and then mom, Kerry, in the Select. The partnership of Jason Martin of Highpoint Performance Horses and Harley will never be forgotten in the history of AQHA Western Riding class.”

“But Harley was so much more than just one of our show horses… It’s just surreal that Harley is gone from my life. I was able to see him each day, during chores, and by just looking out the house windows. But, I also thank God that Harley came into our lives, becoming part of our family, and then able to spend his final years in the green rolling pastures of our ranch.”

“Harley didn’t just bring trophies into our lives. He brought memories and moments never to be forgotten. Harley brought some of our dearest friends into our lives that continue to be in our life. Harley taught me and my family life lessons that have forever shaped our lives in better ways. Harley brought us to Highpoint Performance Horses, and 20 years later, we are still there at Highpoint. So Harley was much more than one of our show horses, he was our life for many years.”

“To all our fellow friends with a love of the horse, may you all experience a Harley in your life. He changed and enriched our lives in a way that can’t be explained. He taught us to enjoy the ride and then life just seems better.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Papendick family following their loss, and we hope they’re comforted by the many great memories created throughout the years.

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