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In Loving Memory of Gallant Zippo

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Photo credit: Don Trout Photography

By Rachel Goffard

I am completely heartbroken to report Gallant Zippo, Gilly, suffered a paddock injury on 1/6/23 and had to be humanly euthanized on 1/10/23.

No one can prepare you for a loss this great. Gilly has saved us in so many ways. He has the biggest heart and personality of any horse we know. We thought his career ended in 2021 when he had a seizure and fractured his hock.

Photo credit: Jeff Kirkbride Photography

After a long time off, he came back healed and stronger than ever thanks to Dr. Josh Harvey and all the staff at Outlaw Equine. He and Catherine even finished #1 her last 14-18 year on APHA top 20. He started off this year at the Arizona Paint Horse Show with High Point Amateur with Catherine. Gilly loved to be brushed and demanded 100% of everyone’s attention. He loved hanging his head out of the stalls and begging for food. He loved his fruit snacks and carrots. He was spoiled by all.

A huge thank you to Ally Fink who loved Gilly as much as we did and allowed us to buy him. It has been the best 5 years of our lives spoiling him and we wouldn’t change a thing. Gilly loved having two moms. More people to spoil him the better.

Tim and Shannon Gillespie who took Cat under their wing. They knew Gilly and all his buttons better than anyone, we couldn’t have asked for better teachers. Gilly adored and was spoiled by Tim and Shannon. From special feed and shavings due to his allergies, to his padded stall he had in the barn. They loved and spoiled him every day and he was treated like their own.

Normal horse or barn rules didn’t apply to Gilly.

We also want to thank our barn family who put up with all Gilly’s quirks and spoiling him rotten. I’m sure they were all booped from his food begging from his stall. Gilly loved being a part of the show group.

Dr. Josh Harvey from Outlaw Equine who NEVER gave up on Gilly after he fractured his hock. He gave Gilly a chance when others told us to put him down. Josh fought for Gilly as Gilly was not ready to give up. Gilly still had things he wanted to do.

We will surely miss the late night trail rides without a saddle and a halter around the barn. Gilly knew all our secrets and always knew how to make us feel better. He has had an amazing show career and has taught many people how to ride. He was patient and kind and he never had a bad day. He truly loved being a show horse. He loved being brushed and loved his Scooby Snacks. We always joke how patient he was teaching Cat to ride to a higher level and how he would side eye her when she made a mistake. Cat would come to the barn late at night because he just had a way of making you feel better.

Gilly was special in so many ways! Hug your senior horses extra tight and honor your time with them. They truly are priceless. Have no regrets and love them unconditionally. Spoil them rotten every day. The shows will never be the same without you. Run free in heaven with Shaggy and my dad.

Thank you for being the bestest boy anyone could have ever asked for. You deserve all the treats in the world


Gallant Zippo

4/23/2007 – 1/10/2023

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