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Horse Shows are Coming Back! Keep Calm and be Patient

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An Equine Production

Folks, Kathy Avolt with An Equine Production here. This is part two of our patience post a few weeks ago. This is our plea to you for everyone to calm down. Shows are starting to happen. Shows are overwhelmed with your calls, messages, texts and emails. We truly love to talk to you. But we are still trying to get through the red tape of all of the guidelines that are going to be put in place for YOU to go to a horse show.

Much of this could be said for cattle, sheep, and pig shows as well. Life as we knew it… that was then. This is now. Many facilities, due to governmental guidelines, are going require you to act or do things differently. Is that requiring a mask? Likely! Is that requiring you not to stand at the gate and socialize? Absolutely! But here comes the big question. How bad do you want to go to a show?

Every show, regardless of location or breed, is going to have stipulations that the show must follow for the show to happen. We all want to go back to showing our horses. We will be requiring that if (example) one child is showing that the entire family of grandparents, cousins, the next door neighbor, and all those wanting to see “Johnny” show, stay home. Limits on people will be in place.

Also, we cannot answer a question about a show that is not on our roster of shows. They are trying to figure it out as well. Every show is going to have a waiting list for those wanting to come. If you are not willing to follow these rules and guidelines, someone will take your stall. We want to accommodate everyone. But it will not be possible.

So, for the time being, calm down, smile, and, when the time comes, follow guidelines. One person does not want to be the downfall of a show.

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