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Halter Trainer’s Auction to Benefit WCHA Closes February 29th

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Pro Horse Services

“The 2020 edition of the WCHA Halter Horse Trainers Auction from WCHA is open for bidding now and will close on Saturday, February 29th, beginning at 7:00 PM Eastern time,” says Mike Jennings of Professional Horse Service, LLC, that is hosting the Internet Auction. “Halter exhibitors can bid on one month of training from the 19 trainers that are available in the auction.”

To view the internet auction catalog and bid on trainers go to:

Bidders will find information on how to register and bid in the auction under Lot A.

Bidders can get contact information for the trainers on the see detail page for each trainer in the internet auction catalog, once they have created a bidder profile and have logged in to the auction.

Featuring these trainers that are available in the auction: Kathy Smallwood, Ross Roark, Luke Castle, Mike McMillian, Monte Horn, Rick Leek, Ron Doyle, Chris Byrd, Dan Mannion, Dewey Smith, Fred Tabor, Jeffrey Pait, Jerm Christensen, Jimmie Hardin, John Shepard, J R Wagner, Steve Tidwell, Tim Jackson, and Joe Holman

For more information on the World Conformation Horse Association go to:

To obtain more information about bidding in the WCHA Trainers Auction contact Professional Horse Services, LLC, by email or call 855-272-3905.  You can also go to  

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