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Flashback Friday- NSBA Riders Cup Pays Out $80,000

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By: Brittany Bevis

It may seem like ages ago, but it was only last month that AQHA competitors gathered in droves at WestWorld in Scottsdale, AZ. for the 2020 Sun Circuit. The Sun Circuit itself was huge with 22,609 AQHA entries and 4,647 NSBA class entries, including NSBA Color Breed classes. Click here to read the show recap. 

Unbeknownst to everyone at the time, that would be the last, major, horse show held before the COVID-19 pandemic began to restrict travel, event attendance, and daily life. The National Snaffle Bit Association held its annual Riders Cup during the Sun Circuit again this year and presented competitors with a total payout of $80,000; beautiful, silver trophy cups; and big checks.

Let’s see who some of the big winners were and check out those payouts!

The 3 and 4-Year-Old Open Hunter Under Saddle was won by Beth Case with Hez A Dancin Hubba for Chris Lagerblade. They won $1,319.39 for their top finish. The 3 and 4-Year-Old Ltd. Open Hunter Under Saddle was won by Ashley Falkavage with Maid Me Good for Michelle and Sheila Bauer. They won $680.19 for their ride. The Non Pro Western Pleasure was won by Becky Galyean with Too Cute To Snooze. This team won $909.06

The Limited Non Pro Western Pleasure was won by Kerry Williams with Whats On Ur Mind. They won $590.88. The winner in Non Pro Hunter Under Saddle and Limited Non Pro Hunter Under Saddle was Shelby Ratliff with Willy Has Potential. They won $927.61 and $544.16, respectively.

The $2,500 Limited Horse Open Western Pleasure was won by A General Consensus, ridden by Gil Galyean for Ken and Laina Banks. They won a whopping check for $3,297.40. The $2,500 Limited Horse/Limited Rider Open Western Pleasure was won by Dillon Hatten with Cprealsureshestheone for Robert and Nicole DeLoryn. They won $709.05.

Green Western Riding was won by Immortalised, ridden by Anthony Montes for Kara Flentje. They were presented with $608.97. The Open Western Riding win went to Blazing Moonlight and Tonya Brown for Bruce and Bobbi Shaw. They won $631.52. The Non Pro Western Riding title was presented to Cool Cruzen Lady and Samantha Ihde. They won $762.46.

In Novice Non Pro Showmanship, Good N Plenty Gold was led by Griffin Holliday to win $664.06. Select Showmanship was won by Scott Reinartz with Investin A Goodbar. They won $938.42. Non Pro Showmanship was won by Solo Invested and Tony Anderman winning $853.11.

Novice Non Pro Trail crowned Just Call Me Lazy and Emma Dejong as the winners. They received $712.96. In Green Trail, Superwoman was ridden by Kelly McDowall for Jody Frazier. They won $507.47. In Junior Trail, KM Flat Out The Best and Deanna Searles won for Susan Johns. They received $938.27.

Select Trail was won by Suddenly A Good Bar and Kathy Tobin. They received $948.84. Non Pro Trail was won by Won Vital Cod RV and Ella Petak. They received $948.84. Senior Trail was won by Eyed Be In A Jam and Anthony Montes for Dylan Patterson. They won $1,199.90.

Novice Non Pro Horsemanship was won by Definitely Lopin and Jennise Richardson-Lesak. They received $640.35. Non Pro Horsemanship was won by A Soxy Dream and Angela Wade. The won $853.11. Select Horsemanship was won by Kim Burrell Gutowski and Toucht. They received $853.11.

3-Year-Old Open Western Pleasure saw The Whoo and Aaron Moses take the win for Linda Ball Sargent. They received $1,459.58. The 3-Year-Old Limited Open Western Pleasure was won by Madde It and Clint Ainsworth. They won $797.68 for Gabrielle Kostiuk. The $2,500 Limited Horse Open Hunter Under Saddle saw PSU Only The Blues and Farley McLendon take a big win for Leslie Ann Reynolds, winning $2,519.39. The $2,500 Limited Horse/Limited Rider Open Hunter Under Saddle was won by Im Simply Southern and Angela Fox. They won $1,580.19.

The 3 and 4-Year-Old Non Pro Western Pleasure was won by Too Cute To Snooze and Becky Galyean. They took home $1,212.08. The 3 and 4-Year-Old Non Pro Hunter Under Saddle saw Hez A Dancin Hubba and Chris Lagerblade win $1,099.39. Non Pro Hunt Seat Equitation was won by Immortalised and Kara Flentje. They won $802.93.

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