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EC Transformation Tuesday – Vivienne King

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The first photo shows Joe Blair hugging Vivienne King after her win in the L1 13 & Under Horsemanship at the AQHYA World Show.


The second photo is of Vivienne’s first lesson with Joe.

“What an amazing trainer can do is almost unexplainable, which is why this comparison of photos means so much to me,” says Vivienne. “There isn’t a harder worker than Joe and there most certainly isn’t a better trainer and friend. I have been training with Joe for almost 5 years now, and he has brought me up from walk trot PeeWee champion at a local show, to World Champion and AQHA Bronze Congress Champion. If it wasn’t for Joe putting so much time into not just me, but my horse, I would probably be in a VERY different spot. Thanks for being so amazing, Joe.”

Thank you to Vivienne for an amazing Transformation Tuesday set of photos! If you have a great set of photos to share, they are accepted by email:

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