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EC Transformation Tuesday – Emma Shell

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In the first picture, Emma Shell is at her first show at age 13 back in 2004, showing halter at her local fair with her first Quarter Horse, Bars Lonesome Byrd. “We didn’t win anything at that show but we would go on to win many blue ribbons in the following years,” explains Emma.

The second photo, taken 18 years later in 2022, pictures Emma showing another big red gelding, Cool And A Half, to win the L2 Amateur Aged Geldings at the AQHA World Show. “Thirteen-year-old me from the first picture would’ve been so proud! My advice to other exhibitors just starting out: Success doesn’t come overnight. The horse show journey is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy every step of the way, no matter how small it is,” says Emma.

Congrats, Emma, and your advice is spot-on!

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