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EC Question of the Week – Keeping Kids Busy at the Horse Show

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We recently asked our readers: How do you keep your non-horsey kids busy at the horse show?

Thank you for all the great responses! You can read them below, and thanks again to the family and barn of Carter Philley (who happens to be a horsey-kid) for allowing us to use yet another hilarious photo of Carter staying cool at the 2022 Pinto World Championship Show.



Melanie Carney: Pool in the truck bed!












Kory Kumar: Braiding the Aunties’ hair and a whole lot of art kits.







Kassie Faye Tabor Cumbee: Mine plays with other kids. At each arena she knows who is around. She is 9 now and had been drifting to shows with me since she was born. We have a backpack full of toys, she can roll out the rug and sit on it play in the dirt. She knows not to bother horses or riders. We always have tablets and DVDs to play but most of the time she finds 2 to 4 kids to play with. Sometimes we are at shows for 8 or more hours.  She bought this random kid an ice cream, ended up his mom was parking her horse beside me as we were waiting to sort. LOL. I had been talking to her for 20 mins.







Eleanor Harowicz: We have an inflatable pool that we bring for the camper that helps. Also the DREAM Park has a great playground. But mostly William wants to be around the horses with his boots on.






Shane Leavell: Our kids show, but since we show as a family there is a lot of down time waiting for all of us. Bikes, scooters, a segway, an iPad, and games you can pack up are essential. Premier Sires last show in Kentucky had water balloons, and we are going to incorporate them into the hotter shows from now on!





Taylor Fabus: Hope that they’ll lay down with big sis in the motorhome and “watch” a movie.









Brandi Provow: By letting them help “clean.”








Lauren Dettmer: Pony rides!  We also play in water spouts when it’s raining!






Emily McCracken: S’mores maker and play dough!






And our funniest responses:

Brittney Elsas: I leave them at home with their non horsey dad!

Ashley-Lynn Holden: Non-horsey kids go up for adoption – what are you talking about?



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