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EC Photo of the Day – The Wind of Heaven

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Photo by Nikki Hilgart

“The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse’s ears.” – Arabian proverb.

This is Cierra Kraetke and her 29-year-old Pinto Arabian mare, Scarlet.

“I have had her company for 14 years,” says Cierra.  “She is the reason my love for horses started, she taught me what I know, and she helped me heal from trauma in my past.”

Cierra explains that Scarlet also helped restore a friendship for her so both friends could battle cancer together.  “Scarlet is a symbol of friendship, love, adventure and she’s the perfect therapy partner. She still rides like a dream and allows anyone to ride her, making herself open to new riders to fall in love and experience what I experience,” says Cierra.

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