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EC Photo of the Day- Not Your Typical Security Badge…

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Today’s EC Photo of the Day comes from Judy Snow and features a super fun security badge she had made for her company!

“I’ve worked for Seagate Technology in Longmont, Colorado for 20 years. We manufacture hard drives. I work for the Tooling Group that designs the assembly lines that actually assembles the hard drives. Recently, security notified us that they were updating our security badges and gave us the option of uploading our own pictures. Since I’m basically a t-shirt and jeans type of girl, I was wondering where on earth I could get a picture that wouldn’t scare dogs and small children. Then, I remembered The Equine Chronicle took one of me at the 2017 Select World shortly after my class, so I still had makeup on and looked somewhat human. I asked permission to use the picture and submitted it and BAZINGA…The Equine Chronicle is now part of a multi billion dollar company that employs 41,000 people. Too fun!”

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