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EC Photo of the Day- Caption Contest

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Earlier this week, we shared this adorable photo from the Sudden Impulse Futurity on our social media asking for your best captions. Here they are!

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Tori P Murany- “I’m still the best prize. Sorry guys.”

Gretchen Hash Heffner- “Rats! Nothin’ edible here.”

Julie Barger- “I always have to share the spotlight with that dinosaur dog.”

Nick Romanini- “Eyes on the prize… literally.”

Brittany Jones- “Is that a hotdog over there I smell?”

Cindy Wallace- “Climbing the ranks.”

Taylor Foster- “I’m definitely pooping in the house tonight.”

Robin Hilton-Renzulli- “What’s all the fuss? It can’t be eaten.”

Natasha Bothwell- “It’s mine… all mine.”

Eric Hardesty- “It’s in the bag.”

Sean Mikal Smith- “So fetch.”

Jocelind Knapp- “Nobody gives the dog a trophy…”

Leon andDebbie Brotsky- “Going home with the goods.”

Allana Marl Wiggin- “If we fit, we sit.”

Emily Barnhardt- “Dis mine.”


@lopethisway- “It’s in the bag!”

@spowartholm- “Oh my gold!”

@barrels_n_barbells- “Touch it. I dare ya.”

@mnpunt- “I came. I saw. I conquered.”

@wrxciaran- “I can win trophies too.”

@amybee007- “Don’t touch the hardware.”

@kyrah_bowker- “Peekaboo.”

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