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EC Photo of the Day – Bob Rhoads Memorial Non-Pro Walk-Trot at 2024 Keystone Showdown

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“The 2024 Keystone Showdown, June 12-16 in Centre Hall, PA, held their annual Bob Rhoads Memorial Non-Pro Walk Trot/Jog with a deep 25 in the class,” says Meg Scott.

The class was judged by Cayce Miller, who also judged the novice day. Pictured are the participants lined up at the end of the class awaiting Brian Egan’s fun instructions for giveaways prior to placing, with money added for the top three placings.  Seven Mountain Boy Scout Camp was the recipient of the other half of the added money!

Thank you to Meg Scott for the wonderful photo!  If you have a great photo of the day, please email us: Delores.Kuhlwein@EquineChronicle.com.

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