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EC Fun Friday Question: What Popular Candy Bar Was Named After a Horse?

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ANSWER: We could certainly make a case for 100 Grand, Oh Henry!, Old Faithful, or PayDay, but the correct answer is Snickers! 

Did you know, in the 1930s, Frank Mars invented a candy bar made up of chocolate, nougat, caramel, and peanuts. Reportedly, the tasty treat was named Snickers in memory of a horse that had passed away less than a month before. Snickers was a winning race horse that was raised on family’s Milky Way farm in Tennessee.

Another fun fact is that the original price of a Snickers bar was only a nickel!

Nowadays, we do things the other way around. We name our horses after candy bars, chocolate, and cookies! What sweet-named horses can you come up with?

Here are a few we thought of: Zippos Mr Goodbar, Smooth N Chocolatey, Zips Chocolate Chip, A Good Cookie, Huntin For Candy, Chips Hot Chocolate, Chocolua, The Cookie Baker, Huntin For Chocolate, The Candy Machine, and Zips Chips Ahoy.

For more information about the Snickers bar and its equine namesake, click here.

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