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EC Blog Post -From Behind the Mike with Peter Cannizzaro at The APHA/WCHA Halter Million

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Having a good time here in Fort Worth at the Paint Halter Million show. Wow! Some REALLY quality halter horses!! Fun seeing some of the stallions up close.

I’ve been arriving “with the sun” shortly before 7 each day. I had a chance to sit outside a bit this morning, enjoying a little less heat and humidity FINALLY, along with a hot black coffee and a good charge of Copenhagen snuff- one of my favorite things!

At any rate, I’m a reflector. When time allows me to do so, I reflect on my blessings, my recent past, stuff like that. Reflecting quietly also is a favorite thing to do.

I got to thinkin’ of this ole place: “Cowtown” as it’s referred to. The old coliseum named after Will Rogers is still used for equestrian events daily since 1936!! Still very serviceable. Just think of the famous cutters to grace that ground. The famous bull riders. The great horse people of so many disciplines. All the great reiners. All the famous horses, too!

I think of the acts and concerts that have blessed the Will Rogers Auditorium which is attached to the coliseum. I have a feeling many folks don’t know of the auditorium. It’s a 1936 building, too. These structures are works of art- tooled and fancy stone and brick work and murals and mahogany from days gone by. …. Built by true AMERICAN CRAFTSMEN. Men who were proud of their work- stood behind said work- who knew it would last for generations to come. And the pioneer tower that overlooks these beautiful buildings. It’s really neat!

We are so blessed to be a part of the horse industry, of course, but further blessed to exhibit and hone our crafts in structures like this one. None will ever be built like it. Think of all the Fort Worth Stock Shows and rodeos that have come and gone here. Now, the 540 million dollar Dickeys arena adorns the grounds to add needed space and venue. Yep!! We very blessed. Very lucky!

My advice: treat this Monday morning like you’re supposed to—-like it’s your last day on earth. Today is THE day. The day you make a positive change. The day you help another person change for the better. Give and show thanks DAILY.  It’ll take you a really long way in life and you will feel satisfied. I’ll assure you.

Good mornin’ from  Fort Worth, friends!


-Blog by Peter Cannizzaro, Professional Horse Show Announcer and PhD from Louisiana State University

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