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Do You Know How and Why to Feel Your Horse’s Digital Pulse?

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All images credit Elite Equine courtesy of AAEP


From AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners):


Do you know how (and why) to feel your horse’s digital pulse?

Thanks to the horse doctors at Elite Equine Veterinarians for illustrating this useful skill, which is especially important for horse owners to master as we head into abscess and fall laminitis season.

Practice feeling your horse’s digital pulse to learn what is normal for your equine friend and what, on the other hand, is an increased pulse—which is a common indicator of inflammation/soreness within the hoof.

As always, remember that your horse doctor remains your best source of information and that they’ll be happy to show you how to correctly feel your horse’s digital pulse. If your horse presents with hoof soreness and/or has an increased digital pulse, be sure to contact your veterinarian promptly to discuss the best course of action!





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