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Color Breed Congress Attendance on the Rise by 27%

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Image courtesy of PtHA.

Attendance at the 2019 Color Breed Congress, hosted annually by the Pinto Horse Association of America, was up 27 percent in exhibitor attendance compared to 2018.

This year’s Congress, held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, attracted 1,513 exhibitors, 884 horses with more than 4,000 entries.

Darrell Bilke, the association’s chief operating officer and executive vice president, says he was pleased with the rise in attendance. “We were astounded by the increase in attendance at our nine-day Congress and are truly appreciative of all our exhibitors who traveled so far to participate,” Bilke said.

This year, 1,513 exhibitors came from 29 states in the U.S., Canada and Sweden, to compete in 849 classes.

Bilke noted a growing interest in the ranch horse class at the 2019 Congress.

“The ranch horse classes have definitely grown in popularity over the years,” Bilke said. A total of 142 ranch horse entries with 40 horses and 64 exhibitors competed in the ranch horse class. “Exhibitors can watch for more ranch horse classes at the 2020 Congress.”

More than $200,000 in prizes were awarded during the 2019 show.

Next year’s Congress will run from Nov. 6 to Aug. 14, 2020, at the Tulsa Expo. To learn more, visit or phone- 405-491-0111.

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