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Celebrating Our Horses’ Birthdays

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Missy Neil and Rip

Earlier this month, we asked our EC readers if they celebrated their horses’ birthdays, and if so, how do they celebrate?  Without hesitation, they responded!  Scroll to see video and photos of how our horses get some love in return for all they do for us.

Lola James and Lopin Real Purdy

Lola James started us off with her video of Lopin Real Purdy enjoying her birthday cake!

“Every year since I got her, I bring her a cupcake and sing happy birthday and then watch her make a mess all over my hand and ground! It is truly one of my favorite things!” says Lola.  Watch their video:


Celebrating Our Horses’ Birthdays




Missy Neill and Rip

“I celebrate my horse, Rip, every year,” says Missy Neill. “We have a whole party – cake, party hats, we sing Happy Birthday, and presents. I still can’t get Rip to wear a party hat but every year I try. I do the same thing for my dog as well. They are so deserving of the spoiling and celebrating after all they do for us!”

Gloria Maillard and Sensations Angel
Angel (sensations Angel) gets a birthday cake made every year from Alfalfa and other yummy ingredients,” says Gloria Maillard. “She’s a Cookie Monster and gets all the cookies she wants. This year she got a 25 pound bag of horse treats and a new slinky for shows!”
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