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Caption Contest- Ever Wonder What Judges and Scribes Talk About?

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By: Brittany Bevis

Do you ever wonder what judges, scribes, and ring stewards are talking about on the sidelines? They probably have some funny stories to tell!

We asked our The Equine Chronicle Facebook fans to give us their best captions for this great shot from the recent ArQHA Stanford Happening/Memorial Day Circuit, courtesy of Sally Blackwell Photography.


Randy Ratliff- “Yep, I can eat five chili dogs.”

Chris Ransome- “Just smile a little. It makes them think you didn’t see them have that blowout in the corner.”

Gretchen Hash Heffner- “Cue the music. We’re playing musical chairs!”

Kate Bamford- “Gosh, thanks so much for finding my glasses. I can’t see a thing without them. I wish I had them the past three days. My card was wayyyy off from the other judges.”

Barb Hughes- “Strong with two sugar and cream, please.”

Debbie Churchill- “Wait…are we still social distancing?”

Jodie Ploog- “Don’t eat at that restaurant on the corner. It gave me the worst gas!”

Adam Wainscott- “Since that’s Tracy Willis, Lord only knows.”

Mary Lou Spaull- “A horse walks into a bar and says ‘Hay bartender…'”
Alex DeWitt- And then it showed up on my Facebook ads the next day!”

Amy Moore Watkins- “This one time at band camp…”

Louis Heffner- “Are you telling me that you actually forgot to get coffee?!”
Sharon Levee Sadilek- “So, where should we go to dinner tonight?”

Chris Thompson- “Wait. Wait. I haven’t gotten to the punch line yet.” (The poor scribe is thinking- ‘I think the lunch break is over. How long is this going to take?’) (Most popular caption on social media.)

Kelly O’Connell- “Once the music starts, I can beat you at musical chairs.”

(The judge in the photo!) Tracy Willis- “I wonder what the hell I was saying. I’m sure some of it was true, but maybe not.”

Ruth Rogers- “I promise I’ll get us out of here before dark.”

Caitlin Daniels- “No thanks. I don’t need a chair for the Congress Trail prelims.”

Tom Clopp- “So, this is the first move to the Macarena.”

Dawn Quick Clayton- “Hold the mayo.”

Laurie Hickox- “Honestly, I love watching the 100+ select Showmanship entrants trot in tight, polyester pants.”

Stephanie Burns- “I bet that horse has never seen a judge wrapped in a blanket before. Brrr.”
Amanda Martin McHollan- “Sit. Stay.”

John Sydenham-“When the music stops, you’re supposed to sit down.”
Vicky Hoyt- “Thanks for offering. But if I sit down, I probably won’t be able to get back up.”
Dianne Runtz- “If I fall asleep, make sure you wake me up before anyone else notices.”

Kimberly Bisson- “Oh no. 750 Trail runs. Seriously? We’re going to be here till 3 am.”

Vita Stiebert- “Scribe asks- ‘Do you remember what you said about the third horse?'”
Jason Warren- “That was definitely not me, and I don’t see a dog to blame it on…”
Kris Simpson- “You can’t make this stuff up!”

Alan Henderson- “That’s not 6 feet. Backup and I’ll holler scores and penalties to you.”

Lori Bunch- “Picture it. Sicily 1945!”
Louise Bilodeauno- “Thanks, but I’m married.”

Linda McJilton- “Wait. This is a horse show?”
Chelsea Martin- “When’s lunch break?”
Cindi Madej- “I said Whoa.”

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