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Bring This Horse Show Back

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Stacy Dial at Sun & Surf Circuit, courtesy Don Trout Photography

In honor of #Throwback Thursday, we share the question we recently asked readers: If you could bring back a horse show that is no longer in existence, what show would it be?

This was a popular topic, with plenty of great answers, such as Sun & Surf Circuit, The Reichert Celebration, Quarterama and Western Paint World! Which one would you say topped the list based on the answers given? See them all below:


Kathy Tobin: Sun and Surf.

Whitney Romanoff: Kathy Tobin, yes!

Cori Cansdale: Kathy Tobin, me too!


Michael Hoyt: West Coast Circuit.


Paige Peshina Merrill: Loved Gold Coast when it was in West Palm Beach.

Judy McMaster Descutner: Paige Peshina Merrill, With the party at Rikers!

Marcy Walker: Paige Peshina Merrill, me, too!


Beth Clemons: Sun and Surf.

Mike Kearney: Beth Clemons. Hopefully it’s coming back !


Charles Closser: Quarterama.

Drew Kooiker: Charles Closser, that was a fun show.

Jill Baker-Cooley: I agree with Charlie, Quarterama.


Miya Childers: Iowa 7 Day Run!!





Gordon Downey: Sun & Surf.







Dave Davis: Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky State Fairs when they were big!

Bethlee Myers: Dave Davis, loved going to Springfield. It was ‘the’ show to hit along with the International !


Zero Proof Horse Treats: Not a show per se, but I really miss Million Dollar Stallion Avenue at Congress.


Kay Motley: I miss all those little county fair shows; big crowds, added purses, GREAT local concession stands, and fun. We spent summers driving across Kansas, Colorado, Iowa and South Dakota. Big classes and lots of points.


Kenneth Hoffman: The Reichert Celebration

Shirley Ragsdale: Kenneth Hoffman, Yes. An incredible show.


Whitney Romanoff: Reedley Quarter Horse Show. I don’t remember the actual name but they had the best snack bar and it was nice to have something truly central in California.

Kathy R Pettit: Whitney Romanoff, YESSSS!!!!!!


Rachel Saeger: AQHA Regional Experience shows with the same locations and format as they were originally.

Casey Caldwell: Rachel Saeger, yessss !!

PatLorrie Partridge: Rachel Saeger, agree!!!



Stephanie Fluty: Good old Summerama in Ontario, Canada.

Carrie Russom Quraishi: Stephanie Fluty, loved Summerama!

Troy Legomski: Stephanie Fluty Summerama still happens!  I was there In 96! There were 48 in the jr wp class! Youth halter classes were packed! 4/5 pointers. I think the 90’s were just the best time period for horse shows!

Stephanie Fluty: Troy Legomski, yes, it was and yes, the halter was huge for us. The people were great and a fun week up there.




Glen Wadsworth: Western Paint World in Bakersfield, Ca and the great Stallion Service Auction Futurities they had at it. It was the best and biggest Paint Horse Show in the Country people came from everywhere.

Ron Horn: Glen Wadsworth, it was Huge.

Tammy Swirin: Glen Wadsworth, Lots of people put a lot of hard work into making that show what it was over the years.

Jackie B McGinnis: Glen Wadsworth, at that time it was bigger than the National show.

Cathy Walker: Glen Wadsworth, it sure was!


Shelley Treitz: Quarterama in Toronto.


Kimberly Adams: Texas Classic back in the day. Firecracker Circuit in Tallmadge, Ohio…actually, many of the Ohio weekend shows that are no longer. As a youth, we’d start at the end of March and show every weekend through April and May. Not always the best facilities by today’s standards, but the stories and memories are priceless.


Jaime Foutty: ECCR held in Williamston, NC in July. Moving the APHA World back to summer interfered with the date and it was moved then canceled due to the venue not being available 🙁

Caitlin Daniels: Jaime Foutty love this show so much!!






Evelyn Harding: Quarterama or Western World!! Toronto, Ontario, Canada!


Kimberly Lemon: Quarter horse shows in Bakersfield, Tulare, Reedley, Stockton, Fresno, Turlock.


Laura Bischoff: Tom Powers at Berrien as it was in the 90’s, with the Jeff Bujack shows prior to the futurity. Only with covered pens. 😁


Wayne Holt: A tie. Either the Texas Classic in it’s heyday with 23 splits of 2’s…..or the Hill Country Circuit in Kerrville.


Joyce McCabe: Quarterama in Toronto, Canada.


Marcia Espich-Zeigler: Congress when Denny Hales ran the show.


Mary Melinda Mayes Kelly: AQHA Battle in the Saddle in OKC.


Gary Yaklich: The Solid Gold- Springfield, Illinois.


Tonya Clifton Emmons: The Tommy Cummings Memorial shows.


Elizabeth Gorski: No doubt in my mind! Toronto International!


Rachel Susanne: Quarterama at the Horse Palace in Toronto, Canada.


Wallace Battles: The all-breed shows in Saratoga NY Hands down. Wallace Battles. Historic Race track and so many breeds it made it interesting if u like more than just one breed,


Amanda Martin McHollan: NSBA show in WEC in October.

Kaylee K. Bandy: Amanda Martin McHollan, oh, man! That’s a great idea.

PatLorrie Partridge: Amanda Martin McHollan YES, PLEASE!


Janice Larry: The Iowa 7 day run.


Mary Whalen: COW PALACE.


Carol Goss: Paint Vegas!


Julie Leek: Quarterama and Kinross was a great time

Nick Kooiker: Julie Leek, Ditto on that.


Jaclynn Pyle: The Reichert Celebration!

Samantha Ebeling: Reichert Celebration ❤️ JR Reichert


Katie Green: Lone Star Futurity. Lufkin, TX 🙌🏻

Elizabeth Knabenshue, Katie Green second that.


Denielle Whalen Kier: Pebble Beach. On the polo fields.

Eileen Brooks: Denielle Whalen Kier,  Santa Barbara, too !


Ann Laughhunn: Just for Pleasure in Perry, Ga.


Michelle Forness: Blue Ribbon Circuit in Tucson, Az.


Kathy R Pettit: Costa Mesa circuits.

Cheryl Crawford Sarsi: Kathy R Pettit, California Congress and Champagne circuits, I still have cups, glasses.


Heather Correa: Summer circuit in Albany.


Haley Kottler: Region 8.


Cindy Marder Brandner: Gold Coast when it was in West Palm Beach, Quarterama.


Sheala Kelley Peters: State futurities.


Troy Legomski: QUARTERAMA.


Rikki Mcnana: DuQuoin State Fair Show.


Michael D. Espenlaub: Indiana State Fair AQHA Show !!

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