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Australian Study Indicates Vets Among the Most Trusted Professions, Do You Agree?

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Dr Ben Gardiner, President of the Australian Veterinary Association said that pets are increasingly valued as important family members and owners depend on their vets to monitor the health of their loved furry friends.

“Australia is the highest pet-owning country in the world along with the USA, with 60 per cent of households owning pets. There are more than three million dogs and two million cats in Australia.”

“Advancements in both research and technology have allowed vets to provide animals with better healthcare and prolong their life through surgical procedures and medication,” Dr Gardiner said.

“Vets are also of enormous assistance to farmers; they help ensure food is safe to eat, help farmers increase production and promote the welfare of farm animals.”

“Vets are also at the forefront of detection and response to endemic and exotic animal diseases, including foot-and-mouth disease and zoonotic diseases that cross between animals and humans such as the Hendra virus.”

Veterinarians are highly skilled. It takes around five or six years of study to complete a veterinary science degree and they learn about all species of animals as part of their training.

“Whether working with much-loved pets, valuable horses, in animal agriculture, or donating their services to treat injured wildlife, vets offer Australian animals and their owners a reliable, valuable service that can’t be replaced. So it’s really of no surprise that they are recognized as one of the most trusted professions,” he said.

Veterinarians have been voted in the Reader’s Digest top ten most trusted professions for the last three years.

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