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Around the Rings – Wisconsin POA Club Rider Switch

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Photo credit: Patrick Kelley

Wisconsin Pony Of the Americas Club hosted a state show over the Memorial Day Weekend at LaCrosse County Fairgrounds in West Salem, Wisconsin.

Along with 4-judge competition for the exhibitors, WPOAC Royalty hosted a Hawaiian theme, with a Leis and Sunglasses handout, a Hotdog Bar on Saturday night, and a Sunday evening volleyball tournament.

One of their most popular activities each year is the Rider Switch, in which teams of two switch off riding, somewhat like musical chairs!

“Here are some pictures of the youth caught having fun!”  says club member Suzie Trzebiatowski.  “This is one of the favorite youth activities every year! Thanks to Off Your Plate, LLC for sponsoring the prizes!”

Images were taken by Patrick Kelley – scroll the gallery of his image below and enjoy!

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