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Around the Rings Photos and Results – IKI Winter Circuit

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Photo credit: Ryan Geiger Photography

The IKI Winter Circuit was held December 1-4, 2022, at C Bar C Expo Center in Cloverdale, Indiana.

Judges were Kelly Chapman, Kendra Weis, Terry Cross, Glenn Wells, and Darren Wright.

The show was a big hit with fun awards like Christmas Cash from Santa’s Money Bag in Halter Classes, $500 cash to the 12 trainers whose client(s) won their All-Around divisions, and $250 cash to each All-Around Champion for 12 divisions, even Small Fry, including: Rookie Amateur, Small Fry, 14-18 Youth, Novice Amateur, Rookie Youth, Open, Amateur,  Novice Youth, Amateur Walk/Trot, Amateur Select, 13 and Under Youth, and Youth Walk/Trot.

The IKI Circuit also offered circuit awards in all classes, plus fun exhibitor parties and prizes.

“The IKI circuit was a blast!” says Amateur Lana Markway, who showed Only En La Moonlite.  “Big classes and the show ran extremely well. I definitely look forward to going back next year!”

Thank you to Ryan Geiger Photography for all the beautiful candid photos!

Thank you to Mark Harrell Equine Marketing for the results below:

Show 1:

IKI Winter Circuit Comp show 1 ResultsRpt

IKI Winter Circuit NSBA show 1 PublicationRpt

IKI Winter Circuit show 1 PublicationRpt

Show 2:

IKI Winter Circuit 2022 show 2 Comp ResultsRpt

IKI Winter Circuit 2022 show 2 NSBA PublicationRpt

IKI Winter Circuit 2022 show 2 PublicationRpt


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