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Around the Rings – 2024 Florida Gulf Coast Circuit

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All editorial photos by Cody Parmenter Photography

The Florida Gold and Gulf Coast shows are a wrap!  Thanks to Cody Parmenter Photography, we have more great candids, so keep scrolling for more.  Find your photos from the show:

See photos and results from Gold Coast here:  Around the Rings – 2023 Florida Gold Coast Circuit | Equine Chronicle

The Florida Gulf Coast ran from January 2-6, 2024, and offered 6 AQHA Shows and 2 NSBA Shows, with a hunter derby and jackpots galore!  Judges were Kelly McDowall, Karen Graham, John Briggs, Brad Kearns, Jennifer Kunkle, John Kunkle, Brett Clark, Lindsay Geiger, Cindy Hale, Suzy Jeane, Dolly Chayer, Shannon Holbin, Sharon Wellmann, Mike Carter, and Charlene Carter.

High Point Champions

Junior 1 – Al Call You Later, owned by Corrival Ranch, LLC

2 – Waitin On A Ride, owned by Dax Atkinson 

Senior 1 – Strutin To The Blues, owned by Rodger Call 

2 – Cool Made Machine, owned by Estelle McParlan

3 – WellThereYouGo, owned by Renee Norleen

Level 1/Green 1 – Just Call Me RL, owned by Karen Cindy Vanelswyk

2 – Batta Bing, owned by Penni Himes

3 – KIM Suddenly Genuine, owned by Jordan Macan

Level 1 (Novice) Amateur 1 – Caught U Sleepin & Whitney Lloyd

2 – Kickin Dust Up & Milli Froman

3 – AnotherDayInParadise & Jenny Dobbratz

Amateur 1 – Two Ziplines & Katie Kopf

2 – Kickin Dust Up & Molli Froman

3 – Moonlite Cruiser & Kaleena Weakly

Select 1 – Good By Me & Gretchen Ingersoll

2 – Just THe Rite Stryde & Thad O’Boyle

3 – RR Certainly A Lady & Anne Wilson

Level 1 (Novice) Youth  1 – Party Favours & Emerson Knabenshue

2 – Are U A Hot Charlie & Lucy Moore

3 – Winsome Ona Princess & Ava Palmeri

Youth 13 & Under 1 – Chilln Ona Dirt Road & Lilly Jones

2 – Made Just For U & Kenidee Thomas

3 – Are U A Hot Charlie & Lucy Moore

Youth 14-18 1 – The Only Deal & Charlotte Brooks

2 – Mouse Trapped & Alexis Potts

3 – Cool Made Machine & Estelle McParlan

Small Fry 1 – Invoius Mister & Tenley Grimes

2 – Tickled Pinkk & Isabella Cook

3 – Gota Lota Frost & Jocelyn Grabow

Level 1 Amateur W/J 1 – Sexy Suggestion & Ashley Zimlich

2 – Chex Your Destiny & Millie Mauritzson

3 – KM Good To Be Best & Millie Marshall

Level 1 Youth W/J 1 – RBB Classy Code Blue & Olivia Stein

2 – Gota Lota Frost & Jocelyn Grabow

3 – Invious Mister & Tenley Grimes

Ranch Open 1 – The Half Time Show, owned by Kara Bennett

2 – Whiz Chic Grace, owned by Pam Troutman

3 – Hava Cocktail On Me, owned by Deborah Deschamps-Baker

Ranch Amateur 1 – Hocus Pocus & Lacy Watson

2 – Legends Spinner & Dana Lanning

3 – Blazing Hot Moves & Jaye Cooke

Ranch Youth 1 – Roobie & Sydney Sargent

2 – Wimpys LittleDiamond & Trent Ferrier

3 – Custom Buddy & Maranda Rickman


All high points and circuit results: 2024 Florida Gulf Coast_circuit.docx


Complete results for Circuit 12024+Florida+Gulf+Coast_SC+1


Complete results for Circuit 2Gulf_SC2


Link to scribe sheets:  Gulf Scribe Sheets Home — An Equine Production


In the way only Kathy Avolt can write it, the traditional summary of the shows with horse names is below, so enjoy!

The Florida Gold Coast & Florida Gulf Coast shows have brought horses and exhibitors once again from all parts of the country and Canada. A General Consensus has been heard that even with the weather challenges, the local Nitely News sent an entertainment reporter to the grounds and was reporting on the various Fashion Statemant(s) and they concluded that even though Chicks Dig Pearls, it is best to be Dressed In A Tux. The Fabulous Details were Bettr Than Most but a even a Hot Mess N A Dress is just as good as Zippin In My Blumers.

It was A Day To Remember over in the sand arena with some outstanding Ranch horses. The riders were Thinkin Out Loud on what might be the best way to handle the drag in the trail. Several of our lady ranch exhibitors were teasing the guys as Girlz Got Game with the ranch trail. And not to be outdone, the guys were Kickin Dust Up.

In the Grand Prix arena, the hunters were soaring over the fences. The Spot Lightt was on some Big Irons in the Working Hunter classes. You had Betta Believe It when the exhibitors were leaving the rails up & soaring to new heights with the beautiful courses.

Mother Nature challenged us at the beginning and a few might have thought it was Armageddon. But the sun did come back out and we are not Afraid Inthedark Too.

In the Trail arenas, the Best N The House were Tim’s trail courses. There might have been A Gator Lurking in the nearby pond but all the new exhibitors were hollering Hey Look Ma I MadeIt as they navigated the many poles.

The after parties held in the barns were a little raucous as several rang in the new year. After A Few some of the Cowboys And Hippies were riding the inflatable bull. No one was arrested for Disturbing The Peace even though some Cowboys Lie! A few might have been Creepin At The Bar though.

Our pattern classes have been very well represented in the various arenas. Many were having A Pleasant Dream by scoring pluses with the judges. One of the showmanship stars had some Blazing Hot Moves. But no one had Bad Habits while showing.

At all of our shows, we are Dreaming Bout You following us from venue to venue. We are always Tickled Pinkk and Musta Got Lucky with all of the loyal support. We say that it is AnotherDayInParadise when a horse jogs into the pen.

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