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AQHA Photo Contest Now Open

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AQHA Publicity

Submit your photos to the AQHA photo contest for a chance to be featured on AQHA’s social media platforms, on and used in AQHA media. The photos might also be featured in an issue of The Journal.

Submit your photos here.

AQHA members from around the world can submit their best high-resolution photo of their favorite American Quarter Horses through the Photo Contest Form. All subjects in the submitted photos must be AQHA members and registered American Quarter Horses. All AQHA members are invited to participate, including amateur and professional photographers.

Photo submissions for the contest can be submitted beginning September 15 and will be accepted until September 30.

What should you do to ensure your photo is chosen?

  • Steer clear of any photos that could be viewed as offensive.
  • Avoid any photos with corporate logos or products.
  • Think of the photo’s layout. Photos that can be cropped to a landscape view are more likely to fit AQHA’s social media and website formats.
  • Take the time to capture the perfect photo. Sometimes we get lucky and snap the perfect picture, but if you have not yet captured that special moment, have a special photo shoot.
  • Choose a picture that captures emotion or makes the viewer imagine themselves or the story of the photo. A newborn foal snuggling up to its momma or a cowboy sitting atop his trusty mount while surveying the land are a couple of examples of moments that are sure to elicit emotion through the camera lens.
  • Edit your photo to perfection prior to submitting. While our judges have the ability to see what a photo could be with a touch of editing, a photo with the ideal saturation level stands out among the others.
  • Capture what it means to be an AQHA member or the spirit of the American Quarter Horse. American Quarter Horses are the most versatile breed on the planet, so submit a photo that embodies their beauty and talent.
  • Choose a photo that makes you happy. If the photo makes you smile, chances are it will bring joy to others as well.
  • All photos will be placed under consideration of the Contest Selection Committee, with special consideration given to photos with the greatest volume of votes. The committee will ultimately select winning photos to be featured.

Submit your high-resolution photo before the deadline September 30.

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