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Animal Disease Traceability Forum to be Held in Denver

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COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO.— March 11 of this year marked a major day for the U.S. livestock industry as that’s the date the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s Veterinary Services final rule on animal traceability took effect. March 11 was just the start, as now all involved industry parties must be on the same page.

To that end, the National Institute for Animal Agriculture and U.S. Animal Health Association have partnered again to provide a platform where parties involved in animal disease traceability can discuss avenues to ensure success of the rule’s implementation plus address possible bumps in the road and how to work through these challenges.

The “Joint Strategy Forum on Animal Disease Traceability:  Bringing Industry and Regulatory Leaders Together to Create Sensible Solutions” is set for Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug. 6 and 7, at the Renaissance Denver Hotel, Denver, Colo. The Forum features more than 25 speakers and moderators from across animal agriculture, plus several breakout sessions where participants can provide input and bring forth their concerns and questions.

“While we are extremely pleased that USDA APHIS listened to the voices of livestock producers when drafting the ADT rule, there’s always a learning curve,” states Victor Velez, co-chair of the joint ADT Forum.

“The forum developed by NIAA and USAHA will allow for much-needed interaction between those impacted by the animal traceability ruling. It’s the ideal gathering place for State and Tribal animal health officials, animal producers, livestock marketers and handlers and meat processors as well as state and national livestock show officials and rodeo officials. We also encourage veterinarians and industry organization representatives to attend as they are vital to ADT outreach and education.”

Velez underscores that the end goal is consensus on consistency and harmony of ADT final rule compliance.

“We want all pieces in place and all parties involved in animal traceability in the United States fully informed to ensure a rapid response should an animal disease event take place,” Velez states.

The Forum’s agenda can be accessed online at

To register for or to learn more about the Aug. 6-7 “Joint Strategy Forum on Animal Disease Traceability:  Bringing Industry and Regulatory Leaders Together to Create Sensible Solutions,” please go online to or call 1-800-237-7193.

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) is a non-profit, membership-driven organization that unites and advances animal agriculture—the beef, dairy, equine, goats, poultry, sheep and swine industries. NIAA is dedicated to programs that work towards the eradication of diseases that pose risk to the health of animals, wildlife and humans; promote a safe and wholesome food supply for our nation and abroad; and promote best practices in environmental stewardship, animal health and well-being.  NIAA’s members include animal producers, veterinarians, scientists, state and federal officials, and agribusiness executives.

The United States Animal Health Association (USAHA) is a science-based, non-profit, voluntary organization. Its 1,100 members are state and federal animal health officials, national allied organizations, regional representatives and individual members.

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