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2019 ABRA World Show High Point Results

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Congratulations to the American Buckskin Registry Association World Show High Point winners!

High Point Champions

Open- Peptoskingplay/James and Katelyn Puderbaugh

Reserve- Star Six Invested/Magen Coates

Amateur Select- Xtreme Zip/Audra Levitte

Reserve- Mighty Super Star/Linda Berg

Amateur- Tivio Bandito/Molly O’Reilly

Reserve- Dun Specialy Hot/Kaitlynn Rinkert

Walk Trot Amateur- Wicked Lee Good/Karla Bennet

Reserve- Strait Country Fad/Jenna Scali

Youth 14-18- K Docs Bugin Rocket/Keely Seiter

Reserve- Bucks N Chips/Hannah Cain

Youth 13 and Under- InvestedPrescription/Haley Thomas

Reserve- Hard Lemonade/Isabella Streit

Walk Trot 11-18- Grand Ovations/Karly Christensen

Reserve- Golden Steady/Madison Payne

Walk Trot 10 and Under-Cool Do Be/Rylea Streit

Reserve- Due Good For Certain/Lauryn Hollands

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