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What Type of Horse Show Awards Do You Prefer?

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By: Brittany Bevis

Back in the day, you would enter the ring aboard your favorite steed with the hopes of exiting the class with a coveted blue ribbon in hand. Times have changed and so has the trend for horse show awards. Some events stick to memorabilia type items like ribbons, medals, belt buckles, or saddles. On the other hand, some events trend more towards the practical items like brushes, blankets, chairs, or grooming products.

Recently, we reached out to our The Equine Chronicle social media followers to ask a very important question- What type of awards do you like to receive at the horse show? Do you prefer memorabilia like ribbons, medals, or neck wreaths? Or would you rather receive items like halters, sheets, or grooming products? Also, what’s the best award you’ve ever received at a horse show?

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Michelle Might– “Personally, I still like the ribbons. Cups were a great idea at first, but now I just have a huge stack of cups that I will never ever use, and I hate to give them away, as I worked hard to earn them. You can’t make a decorative pillow or ornament out of plastic cups. Ribbons are great for new owners and new exhibitors. I want to take that first ribbon, whatever color it may be, and frame it with a picture of my horse. As for awards, I’m old fashioned. I like the practical ones that I can use while on the road- coolers, bags, sheets, chairs, etc. It’s another way to remember your achievements, and it serves a practical purpose too.”

June Liston– “Saddles! Go big or go home, right? Also, neck wreaths, halters, jackets, and silver sculptures. I love all the ‘stuff.'”

Kristi Paul Castelo– “Usable stuff like halters, bags, ice chests, and step stools with the show name and year. They’re great for memories!”

Beverly Koke- “I like when they give you credit toward your entry fees. This is easier for show committee also. If not, then practical items like Show Sheen instead of ribbons. For circuit awards, chairs or other useable items with date/logo of show are great.”

Jenna Menetrier- “I think the award that I won, that I use most often, is my wooden grooming box. I’ve had it for seven years and it’s still going strong.”

Natasha Pusch– “I like practical things like sheets, halters, garment bags, ect, especially if they’re embroidered with the name of the show and class. Then, I think about the show I won them at every time I use them. I also love buckles and make shadowboxes with the buckle and a picture from the show. I would actually rather have prizes than money that I would only end up spending on something boring like groceries or hay.”

Maddy Begonia- “At our larger AQHA circuit shows, if you placed, you would receive a coin. Then, you could use each coin for a dollar off your show bill. It really made you listen to all the placings and make sure to get your prize. Those coins really added up!”

Christen Renee- “Practical items that show what you won it for.”

Tanya Jorgensen Moore- “I do like practical items instead of ribbons. I think this draws new people to the shows. I also like to receive tickets/coins that I can use as cash to pay against my entry fees.”

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