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Vicky Holt Parker Joins NSBA Quarter Million Dollar Club

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Vicky Holt Parker has become the 29th member of NSBA’s prestigious Quarter Million Dollar Club. Vicky, who divides her time between Texas and North Carolina, becomes a member of the exclusive group of riders who have won $250,000 in NSBA lifetime earnings.

Vicky grew up in Santa Barbara, California. “I started riding horses when I was five years old,” she said. “My mom had a good friend who had a horse, and we were just in awe. There was a hunter/jumper barn and a public arena two blocks from my mom’s house, so I was there all the time. I would cool out horses and I took hunter/jumper lessons there.”

Vicky competed as a youth and then went straight to professional status. “I worked for Tim Whitney part time and I also worked for Mike Dunn,” she said. “I decided to move to Texas around 1998, and it was the best step I could have taken.”

Although she is best known for her work with Hunter Under Saddle horses, Vicky also enjoys pattern classes. “I do love Hunter Under Saddle, but I also love a good Western Riding and Trail horse. I had such a wide range of experiences growing up, that really I just live to ride,” she said.

Vicky crossed the Quarter Million Dollar Finish line at the Lucky 7 Classic in Murfreesboro, Tennessee May 8-12, 2019 riding Ona Krymsun Kid and winning the $1,000 Open Western Pleasure.

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