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Silver Dollar Circuit- The Horse Show That Could- Daily Stride #1

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Silver Dollar Circuit

There is no way that we could have predicted the changes that would have occurred over the past year. In 2020, at the Silver Dollar Circuit, social distancing was a foreign concept and masks were only used in hospitals. Now, we find ourselves with a “new normal.” But as much as things have changed, an appreciation for what we are able to do has grown. Time with our horse show friends, however we can get it, has become a savored experience.

Perspective has been acquired, and a newfound love for the solace that our partnership with horses affords us can be acknowledged. What was once taken for granted is no longer. The 47th year at the Silver Dollar Circuit shows a sign of strength, resilience, and fortitude.

We will continue to live and do what we love. Now with renewed admiration for our horse, our trainers, our family, and ourselves. “The Horse Show That Could” remains a consistent place card on your calendar even during the these uncertain times. Silver Dollar Circuit starts today, and we are thrilled to have so many loyal exhibitors and sponsors with us to share in what will certainly be one of our most memorable years.

We wish each one of you the most successful and fun show!

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