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Shaelyn Boutelle Wins 13 and Under L1 Horsemanship; Sydnie Ochs Wins 14-18 Western Pleasure

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By: Brittany Bevis

Two talented ladies were crowned champions in Horsemanship and Western Pleasure at the 2020 AQHA Youth World Show. First, Shaelyn Boutelle rode Beau Patrick to win 13 and Under Level 1 Horsemanship. They have been a team for a year and a half, but Shaelyn has been riding since she was just six.

Earlier in the show, the 14-year-old equestrian also won 13 and Under Level 1 Equitation and received two bronze trophies. Shaelyn is a pattern girl through and through. Last year at the Congress, she won 12-14 and Level 1 13 and Under Horsemanship. “Pattern classes are my favorite. It’s more exciting, because you can do fast stuff. He’s good at it, and I’m just along for the ride.”


Shaelyn describes Beau as quite the character. “He definitely has a personality. He loves to be all over you. He’s very kind and loves treats. A six-year-old girl rides him at our barn. One day, she was putting his bridle on and the next thing you know, his head was in a bucket of treats. He’s definitely a character.”

Assisting Shaelyn with preparations for today’s class was her horse trainer, Valerie Kearns. “She told me not to get him too wound up so he was soft, settled, and listening. I needed to make sure my body was in line. The spins are my favorite because he can go pretty fast. I also like extending either the trot or lope.”

Reserve was Finley Leonard with Zippin Gold N Sonnet. Third was Camille Reynolds with The Perfect Kryme. Fourth was Isabella Buckley with Roses Only. Fifth was Alyssa Kladny with Dangerously Famous.


In 14-18 Western Pleasure, returning champion Sydnie Ochs was the winner with her 5-year-old gelding, No Doubting Me. The 17-year-old equestrian has been riding “No No” to much success over the past few years at the Youth World, Congress, and NSBA World. Still, she couldn’t quite believe she was crowned the World Champion once again.

“I really couldn’t believe it. I kind of had a rough ride this morning. I cried a little, but that’s just becoming a norm here. I ponied him after and, once I rode him up here to go into the class, he was awesome and did everything I asked of him.”

“I love how soft everything is with him. It’s so easy and natural for him, and that’s how it’s always been. He’s a very feely horse. If you move any part of your body, he feels it and is very sensitive off your legs. He’s a little quirky.”

Assisting Sydnie with preparations for today’s class were Brian and Dawn Baker. “When I came to Brian, I had only shown all-around horses in Western Pleasure, so he’s taught me everything I know about the class. He has taught me how to sit up and show like I’m supposed to. When we got up here, he said that all of my buttons work. I just needed to use them. I needed to keep him soft, and he would be there for me.”

Dawn’s father, Dwayne, had a stroke a few days ago, so Sydnie went into this class riding in his honor. “This ride was for him.”

Reserve was Brody Galyean with Too Cute To Snooze. Third was Steve Wheat with Pipe Dreamz. Fourth was Macy Brandt with The Candy Mann. Fifth was Jordan Davis with Lazy Illusion.

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