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Rusty Green and Whatscookingoodlookin Win 2013 Congress Junior Western Pleasure

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By: Brittany Bevis


Much like the Senior Western Pleasure showdown that took place just a few nights ago here at the Congress, the Junior Western Pleasure was a battle to the bitter end with the Congress Championship title hanging on the placings of the final judge. In the end, it was Rusty Green with Whatscookingoodlookin who were named the winners tonight.

Coming in a close Reserve was Jay Starnes with VS Flatline. Earlier in the day, horse owner, Kristen Galyean, rode the 3-year-old roan stallion to a unanimous finish in the 3-Year-Old Non-Pro Western Pleasure Futurity Open division.

Green rode the five-year-old bay mare, “Candi,” to a Congress win tonight for the Roberts family. We were able to chat briefly with Hillary Roberts, who will be showing the mare tomorrow in Youth Western Pleasure 15-18.

“[Rusty’s win] makes me more excited,” she says. “[His ride] was really good. I feel like that was one of his best rides on her.”


The Roberts family has owned Candi since late 2011, when they purchased the mare from another one of Green’s clients, Ray Arnona. Roberts says Katie Green was insistent that Candi would be the perfect fit.

“We’ve had her since after the World Show in 2011,” she says. “It was kind of a Katie thing actually. Katie kept saying we should look at Candi. They decided to sell her after the World Show. It just kind of fell into place. It was the right fit.”

The partnership between Roberts and Candi certainly seems to be the right fit, because, just a few months ago, the pair won the Youth Western Pleasure at the 2013 AQHYA World Show. While Candi primarily specializes in western pleasure, Roberts says they are working on adding additional western events to her repertoire.

“She does western riding also,” Roberts says. “I have not [done western riding] yet. Rusty and Katie have been doing most of that for right now. I’m so excited for that.”

Following an exceptional performance in the Junior Western Pleasure this evening, Candi will be rewarded with her favorite snack, while Roberts plans to get a good night’s sleep in order to prepare for the competition tomorrow.

“She likes her treats,” Roberts says. “They are very important in her life. She likes the ones from the Sweet Shop. Those are her favorites, but she’s not too picky. Her food is a big part of her life.”

We wondered if Candi’s big win tonight in Junior Western Pleasure adds more pressure going into Roberts’s youth class tomorrow. Or, might some of the stress be lifted? Then, there is the fact that each member of The Green Team has won a Congress Championship title on a Roberts’ horse already this year, except for one individual who still has yet to compete…

“My mom has had two wins, and Katie won once, on our horse,” she says. “Then, Rusty won his. We will hope to add to that tomorrow! I’m the only one without a [Congress] jacket, so I’m just like, ‘Ok, no pressure…’ “


Junior Western Pleasure: 

1-What’scookingoodlookin/Rusty Green

2-VS Flatline/Jay Starnes

3-Only A Breeze/Katie Green

4-Gifted Invitation/Kenny Lakins

5-A Sudden Illusion/Brett Clark

6-VS Check My Pulse/Kristy Starnes

7-Cee Money/Brad Ost

8-Certainly A Goodbar/Pat Heeley

9-Hope By Blaze/Shannon Curl

10- A Good and Hot Machine/Dave Archer

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