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Rundown of 2018 AQHA World All-Around Amateur and Superhorse Contenders

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Brooke Ingstad

By: Brittany Bevis

The designation of “all-around,” whether used to describe a rider or horse, brings to mind a multi-talented competitor that excels in a wide variety of disciplines with ease. From Working Cowhorses and Western mounts to speed horses and English equines, this year’s lineup of contenders for the titles of Amateur All-Around and Superhorse runs the gamut.

Who will be named the All-Around Amateur and take home a check for $15,000?

  • Charlie Witha Harley and Terry Smith
  • Chasing A Dream and Kili Crawford
  • Don’t Skip Will and Beckie Peskin
  • Giv Romance A Chance and Tina Mcelroy
  • Hotroddin Ona Harley and Meaghan Whelan
  • HP Ima Foxy Dreamer and Brooke Ingstad
  • HP The Rusty Fox and Angela Fox
  • Invested In Cowboys and Lisa Mazurka
  • Meaghan Whelan

    Investin A Goodbar and Scott Reinartz

  • Lazy Lookin Lady and Morgan Brickham
  • Made By Charlie and Daniel Carlson
  • Ms Mae Flash and Brandy Baldwin-Bunting
  • My Dream Remembered and Amy Groefsema
  • Real Hot Real Good and Janalee Thompson
  • Red Hot Options and Lena Berry
  • The Company You Keep and Heidi Rasor
  • The Perfect Kryme and Angela Wade
  • Version of  Goodbar and Sarah Lebsock
  • Who Invited RL and Whitney Vicars

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Angela Wade

Who will be named the Superhorse and take home a check for $25,000?

  • Addatuddy Merada Nic, owned by Tracy Thede
  • Al Ways Couture, owned by Dr. Kimberly Roark
  • Blue Kahlua, owned by Montlake Farms, LLC.
  • Bowmans Metallic Cat, owned by BMC Partners
  • Catti Karoline, owned by Schumacher Quarter Horses
  • Charlie Witha Harley, owned by Terry Smith
  • CR Hershey Bar, owned by Sharon Conway
  • CT Show Me Your Guns, owned by Reid Hockenson
  • DT Sugar Chex Whiz, owned by Dixon Flowers Quarter Horses
  • Dual Patron, owned by Bobby Lewis
  • Figured Im Invited, owned by Marie-France D’Hondt
  • Hereicomagain, owned by Kathy Tobin
  • HVQ Bill Cody, owned by Brent Johnson
  • J Lows Glo, owned by Larry and Denice Bledsoe
  • Angela Fox

    Lukes Good To Me, owned by Angie Highland

  • Metallic Iron, owned by Chester Prince
  • Metallic Malice, owned by John and Melanie Lowrance
  • Snap Krackle Pop, owned by Twylla Brown
  • Tommy Boom, owned by Wayne Hanson
  • Whatwud Johnnycashdo, owned by David Kaan
  • Wranglered, owned by Dell and Terri Hendricks
  • Zip Up My Blumers, owned by Lori Wilt

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