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PHBA Announces Implementation of Youth 10-18 Walk-Trot Program

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PalominoInformation courtesy of PHBA

PHBA Youth 10-18 Walk Trot Program

The PHBA Executive Board, with support of the PHBA Youth Board, voted unanimously to implement the proposed Youth Walk Trot 10-18 Program effective January 1, 2016. This is an addition to the current Youth Walk Trot 5-9 Program.

Youth 10 – 18 Walk Trot Program

6450. This division is for Youth ages 10 through 18 years of age.

6451. A horse/rider combination may either show in this division or in one of the other youth divisions at the same show. The horse/rider combination may not show in both the walk/trot division and a division that requires a lope/canter. Exception: halter, color, hunter in hand, longe line, driving and parade.

6453. Showmanship at Halter. To be judged in the same manner as Youth Showmanship at Halter. See Rules 6201-6208.

6454. Western Pleasure. To be judged the same as Western Pleasure, omitting the lope. See Rules 3511-3523.

6455. Western Horsemanship. To be judged the same as Youth Western Horsemanship, omitting the lope. Exhibitors shall not be asked to drop stirrups or dismount and/or remount. See Rules 6251-6259.

6456. Hunter Under Saddle. To be judged the same as Hunter Under Saddle, omitting the canter and hand gallop. See Rules 3425-3426. It is required that the exhibitor wears appropriate protective head gear with chin strap under chin.

6457. Hunt Seat Equitation. To be judged the same as Youth Hunt Seat Equitation, omitting the canter and hand gallop and riding without irons. See Rules 6231-6242. It is required that the exhibitor wears appropriate protective head gear with chin strap under the chin.

6458. Trail. To be judged the same as Trail omitting the lope. See Rules 3571-3597.

6459. PHBA points, refer to Rule(s) 3111-3114.

6460. These classes will be eligible for year end awards, ROM and Superior Awards, however, these classes cannot be counted for any other PHBA Youth Awards. Youth 10 through 18 Walk Trot ROM’s shall not make a horse eligible for Youth Performance Halter.

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