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New Joint Show- The Indiana Celebration- Joint Effort of IN Youth Show and State Show

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An Equine Production

What: The Indiana Celebration

When: June 10-19

Where: Cloverdale, IN.

Judges: Youth Show Judge Pool: Rob Meneely, Kerry Allen, Chad Evans, Larry Hansch, Stacey Roberson,
Tim Finkenbinder, and additional trail judges pending. State Show Judge Pool: John Kunkle, Sandy Jirkovsky, Andrea Simons, Suzy Jeane, and additional trail judges pending.

The Indiana Celebration – A joint effort of the IN Youth Show and the State Show. Your revised showbill is now available.

The following are the CURRENT stall reservations and the counts that will have FIRST choice at the new joint Indiana Celebration. (Youth/State Show.) No additions will be allowed until the waiting list is cleared. If you know now that you will not be able to attend, please let Kathy Avolt now, so that the waiting list can be cleared.

Exhibitors – if you have stalls under your trainer/agent and you cannot attend, please have the trainer/agent cancel your stall. Why? Because they may need the stall, and we do not want to reduce their stall count without them being aware.

Stalls will be $200 (would have been $125 + $110 for both) and that is for the entire run. If you can only attend part, you may sell your stall to someone else if you wish. But that is between you and the buyer.

You will need one check for all of your entries and stalls. Shavings and RV are still separate. Trainers, you will still break down your stalls at the show. If you have any questions, please contact Kathy at 765-714-4324 or We do understand that with the date change, someone that was attending in April may no longer be able to attend in June. No checks or credit cards have been processed nor will prior to the show.

Rebecca Baker from Henry County Saddle Club has given verbal consent to refund all camping and stall monies related to the New Castle location for the State Show. Please contact her if you have any additional questions. We appreciate her support. Covid-19 has impacted all of us and it has indeed impacted the IQHA Youth Show and IQHA State Show.

Name, Number
Baxter, Ginger 3
Bergantzel, Jess 9
Bernatowicz, Sarah 11
Blystone 1
Bracken, Laura & Jerry 5
Burton, Jenny 13
Carson, John & Tye 13
Claypool, Matt/Cami 8
Corn, Nicole 1
Cottingim, Ryan 10
Debuhr, Drew 5
Flatter, Kyle 9
Garringer, Brent 7
Gilliam, Jason 10
Goss, Jennifer 8
Greaves, Jeff 14
Hamilton, Dale 10
Hanson, Amber 10
Hayes, Don 1
Hays, Kristy 12
Himelick, Heather 10
Holbin, Shannon/Chris 8
Hornick, Ty & Karen 16
Huff, Houston 6
Irongate 20
Jones, Chris & Melissa 22
Kearns, Brad 6
Kearns, Valerie 8
Kirkendall, Brandi 2
Lee, Darla & Brian 8
Machiejewski, K 3
Mil/Max – Maxwell 16
Moon, Beth 7
Moosmann, Judy 20
P5 – Pitts 17
Plemons, Karen 10
Pogue, Jenell 23
Recchiuti, Donnie 6
Robertson, Tom 6
Robison, Sharon 1
Rouche, Yvette 3
Schooler, Beckey 22
Schultz, Tyler 4
Seib, Nancy 9
Sever, Tammy 6
Sheets, Tommy 18
Sherman, Nancy 1
Smith, Dewey 7
Strunk, Ryan 5
Thyfault, Missy 6
Tincher, Brent 12
Trein, Dan 10
Tumey, Kelsey 11
Watson, Jamie 5
Wills, Bob 4

WAITING LIST and will be cleared in ORDER
Jadin, Kelly 5
Jeffries, K 1
Hughes, Angela 1
Dauer, M 7
Mil/Max 2
Parr, Dustyn 1
Patton, Daniel 3
Graham, Shelly 1

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