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Lynchburg Named 2022 NCEA Single Discipline National Champions

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Photo- Andrew Ryback Photography


OCALA, Fla. – The No. 3 seeded Lynchburg Hornets were crowned the 2022 NCEA Single Discipline National Champions on Saturday at the World Equestrian Center.

Lynchburg gained an early lead, winning Fences 3-1. Fallyn Belcastro topped Britt Larson- Jackson by one point, 250-249, to garner the first point. Jacqi Needle won the second point with a 204-0 victory. Emma Schweizer took the third point for the Hornets with a 242-232 win over Katherine Atherton. Emmy Longest claimed the lone point for the Vixens, upending Kelley McCormick 208-198.

In Flat, the Vixens and the Hornets split the event. Sweet Briar garnered the first point as Katherine Atherton won 243-0. Schweizer topped Longest 234-169 to lead 4-2. Sweet Briar’s Kacie Freeburg upended Taylor Herzog 225.5-220 to push the meet to the final point. McCormick clinched the win with a 240-239.5 victory.

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