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Introducing the Color World Series

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Non Pro/Youth Senior Western Pleasure Champion- Erin Bradshaw and John Simon

By: Brittany Bevis

The Appaloosa Pleasure Horse Association was established over 30 years ago in an effort to promote the Appaloosa Pleasure horse, as well as to develop purses and create a marketplace for young horses. In order to promote the continued success of ApPHA, the organization recently expanded their futurity to all color breed registered horses and will hold two futurities in 2019. The first was held in conjunction with the NSBA World Show and the second will take place at the Appaloosa World Show.

Jesslyn Besardi, a member of the Board of Directors for the ApPHA, explains the thought process behind the futurity’s expansion. “In early 2019, the Appaloosa Pleasure Horse Association decided to expand its futurity by creating the Color World Series Futurity by making it a two-part futurity that’s open to all color breed registered horses. We debuted part 1 at the Pinto World Championship Show this past June in Tulsa, OK.”

3-Year-Old Western Pleasure Champion- Wade Spell and Daddy’s First Recruit

“Six classes were offered: 3-Year-Old Western Pleasure, 3-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle, Junior and Senior Non Pro Youth Western Pleasure, and Junior and Senior Non Pro Youth Hunter Under Saddle. With the help of our sponsors, we gave away $20,000 in cash and prizes, top 10 awards, High Point youth awards, and had an exhibitor raffle on each futurity night. We also hosted an Exhibitor Party each night of the futurity, which was sponsored by stallion owners. This really got people out to watch, support, and learn about the Color World Series.”

Results from the Pinto World Show classes are as follows:

Non Pro/Youth Junior Hunter Under Saddle

1- All Shined N Detailed/Sylvia Hoyt

2- Squeeze The Charmin/Peyton Weldon

3- Beyond A Cowboy/Morgan Grammer

4- Time Well Spent/Samantha Sullo

5- Scenic Kandy Kane/Marchelle Everhart

6- The Dark Night/Lynn Wasson

7- Guns R Good/Lacey Spinks Shelhorn

8- Divalicious/Taylor Burgess

9- One The Scene/Autumn Salyers

10- Watch Him Go/Jalyn Brownell

Non Pro/Youth Senior Hunter Under Saddle

1- All About The Goods/Taylor Kokemiller

2- Its Swing Time/Cecilia Charlsen

3- William Grant/Holly Janak

4- Trust me Im Good/Taylor Pearson

3-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle

1- Huntin For Gifts/Brian Isbell Garcia

2- Detailed Rezurvation/Dale Sullen

3- Allocated Time/Laura Spell

4- Toogoodfortheblues/Julie Schmidt

Non Pro/Youth Junior Western Pleasure Champion- Donna Matarazzo with Moneysonmymind

3-Year-Old Western Pleasure

1- Daddys First Recruit/Wade Spell

2- Im Vicki Vale/Arturo Maestas

3- Williwanna Kiss This/Scott Suggs

4- Sleepless To Night/Julie Schmidt

5- Best Made Machine/Allan Schmidt

6- Saul Good/Linda Long

7- Moonlite Shootin/Scott Weiss

Non Pro/Youth Junior Western Pleasure

1- Moneysonmymind/Donna Matarazzo

2- Hotnblazing Only/Tiffany Pattison

3- Vitals Are Good/Catherine Seim

4- The Fan Favorite/Ashton Boettcher

5- This Scene Is Taken/Debi East

6- TWF Invita Hot Romeo/Amber Carlton

Non Pro/Youth Senior Western Pleasure

1- John Simon/Erin Bradshaw

2- Machine Shop/Hannah Inchiostro

3- Curb Ur Impulse/Peyton Weldon

4- In Victory Lane/Michelle Reynolds

5- Call Me Steve O/Matthew Winter

6- Justified Expense/Tracy Shelhorn

7- Wall Street Sensation/Fritz John Trybus

8- Suddenly Shes Shy/Wendy Shuknecht

9- Red Chocolate/Jeff Klein

10- Scenic Freeze Frame/Blaike Koca

Part 2 of the Color World Series will take place at the Appaloosa World Show where over $25,000 in cash and prizes will be up for grabs.

Classes will include the following:

  • 2-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle- Open and Ltd.
  • 3-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle- Open and Ltd.
  • Non Pro/Youth Junior Hunter Under Saddle (5 and Over)
  • Non Pro/Youth Senior Hunter Under Saddle (6 and Over)
  • 2-Year-Old Western Pleasure- Open and Ltd.
  • 3-Year-Old Western Pleasure- Open and Ltd.
  • Non Pro/Youth Junior Western Pleasure (5 and Under)
  • Non Pro/Youth Senior Western Pleasure (6 and Over)
  • Open Yearling Longe Line Hunter (Non Pro Incentive)
  • Open Yearling Longe Line Western (Non Pro Incentive)

“We have added Yearling Longe Line Hunter and Yearling Longe Line Western, as well as 2-Year-Old Hunter Under Saddle and 2-Year-Old Western Pleasure. We have over $25,000 in cash and prizes, high placing non pro awards in the Longe Line, high placing youth awards, limited open rider champion buckles, trainer incentive fund payouts, and a silent auction, as well as 2019 series high point saddle awards sponsored by Schneiders and Miguel Aguilar. The club is also raffling a Harris work saddle as a fundraiser.”

In 2020, the organization plans to return to the Pinto World Show and Appaloosa World Championship with 10 classes and even more great exhibitor parties.

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