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Effective Jan. 1, 2021, AQHA Approved Show Admin Fee is $8

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The AQHA Executive Committee and AQHA leadership are committed to maintaining financial transparency and making important business decisions that are essential to current and future business needs, while delivering the best services to our members and horse lovers around the world. AQHA must continue to reduce expenses, maximize resources and drive efficiency, and fees must reflect the services provided to our members. These factors are essential to continue to be a financially healthy Association.

The AQHA Executive Committee approved an incremental increase for the show administration fee, effective January 1, 2021. The Executive Committee and AQHA leadership conducted extensive research and discussions with the AQHA Show Department and Show Council to assist with developing the new fee structure for the show administration fee.

The $8 show administration fee will replace the $5 show processing fee and $1 drug-testing fee. The fee will be charged per horse, per show at all AQHA-approved domestic and international events. The increase will benefit AQHA’s show programs, provide showing members with the best services available and improve support of the showing industry.

The show administration fee supports a vast number of programs for AQHA showing members, including drug testing to ensure a fair and level playing field; the AQHA stewards program to protect the welfare of the American Quarter Horse at AQHA-approved events; the Association’s awards recognition programs to highlight the accomplishments of exhibitors and their American Quarter Horses, such as AQHA achievements, like Superior plaques and grand and reserve trophies, year-end high-point awards and the annual AQHA Awards Celebration; plus additional business fees associated with show processing.

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