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Drive, Perseverance, Persistence, and Enjoyment- Silver Dollar Circuit- Daily Stride #2

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Silver Dollar Circuit

These unprecedented times have given us a little time to reflect and potentially reposition our approach to showing. By the looks of the show pen at Silver Dollar, horses, trainers, and exhibitors have a renewed sense of confidence in the pen. Many have been walking out with some of their best performances to date.

In a previous chat with exhibitor, Kent Taylor, he spoke of his adoration for this trainer, Blake Weis, because of his ability to allow Kent to be himself, both in and out of the arena. That freedom has allowed Kent to excel in the show pen the last couple of years and truly enjoy this sport at a level far beyond that which he experienced in his youth career.

Could this trend be carrying forward to other barns? Has COVID allowed more time in the saddle and potentially the bond between horse and rider has made them a stronger team? Has COVID restrictions provided a renewed sense of appreciation for being able to go to a show when virtual shows were the only accessible outlet for so many months?

Either way you look at it, it is apparent that horse and rider teams entering the pen at Silver Dollar are excelling at their craft. Many of us put our whole selves into each and every show, and we get extremely focused on winning rather than entering the arena and doing our best while enjoying our horses. It takes the right combination of drive, perseverance, and enjoyment to make magic happen in the arena. But, with the many cheers and pats on the back today as exhibitors exited the Priefert 1 and 2 Arenas, it was noticeable that big goals were being achieved.

While we are all here chasing the perfect pattern, the perfect go, there is also another aspect that is sometimes forgotten amongst the long days of horse showing…having fun. This renewed chemistry between horse and rider and the encouragement from trainers telling clients to “enjoy and be authentic” is clearly having an impact on clients and the industry. Scores are up, confidence is soaring, and the most important thing, riders have having the best time!

We are so lucky to have the best of the best come and show at Silver Dollar Circuit and to be able to watch the renewed energy for the sport. What a refreshing start to 2020!

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