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Congress Weanling Halter Futurity Results- Non-Pro and Open Divisions

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Ross Roark and HR Lady Secret.

Ross Roark and HR Lady Secret.

Weanling Fillies Halter Futurity- Open Division:

1- HR Lady Secret/Ross Roark for Josh Weakly- $4,657.50

2- PF Divine Grace/Dewey Smith for Chester and Anne Prince- $3,353.40

3-JCG Bella Bella/Jason Smith for Carol Carlos- $2,421.90

4-Too Shay/Ronald Stratton for Maggie Bellville- $1,863.00

5-Pitchin Some Heat/Buddy Laney for Melissa Fox- $1,583.55

6-Sheza Gunslinger Kid/Michael Booker for Paul and Paula Crotts- $1,304.10

7- PF Tiara/Chester Prince- $1,117.80

8- Elegantly Laced/Randy Myers-$931.50

9-PF Chromed Pizazz/Tammi Smith- $745.20

10-She Signs The Checks/Mike McMillian for Donnie and Gayla Tibbitts- $652.05


Weanling Fillies Halter Futurity- Non-Pro Division:

1- HR Lady Secret/Josh Weakly- $3,397.50

2-JCG Bella Bella/Carol Carlos- $2,446.20

3-PF One Hot Chrome/Chester Prince- $1,766.70

4-JMK Photogenic Miss/James Melvin Kifer- $1,359.00

5-Too Shay/Maggie Bellville- $1,155.15

6- Elegantly Laced/Randy Myers- $951.30

7-Notyourtypicalblonde/Jack Grove- $815.40

8- PF Baby Geturshineon/Cheryl Boston- $679.50

9-Platinum Style/Jim Payne- $543.60

10- Pretty She Is/Robert Eurez- $475.65


Luke Castle and Tellin My Secretz.

Luke Castle and Telling My Secretz.

 Weanling Stallions/Geldings Halter Futurity- Open Division:

1-Telling My Secretz/Luke Castle for Melinda Clark- $3,892.50

2-PF Credentials/Dewey Smith for Jerry Robinson- $2,802.60

3-Kids Fearless Style/Jason Smith for Robert Vance-$2,024.20

4-Hott Stemwinder/Randy Jacobs for Karen Johnson- $1,557

5-Mister Lincoln/Ronald Stratton for Mary Norman- $1,323.45

6-Top Speed Mazeratti/Phillip Wilkinson for Richard Peden- $1,089.90

7-JMK A Natural Star/James Melvin Kifer for Fred Rees- $934.20

8-Tip Secret Fella/Greg Holden for William Schroeder and family- $778.50

9-Cool Naturally/Phillip Wilksinson for Richard Peden- $622.80

10-Class In Style/Dennis Stewart- $544.95

11-Justa Gold N Kid/Lisa Eikenberry


Weanling Stallions/Geldings Halter Futurity- Non-Pro Division:

1-Telling My Secretz/Melinda Clark- $3,071.25

2- Kids Fearless Style/Julie Smith- $2,211.30

3-Cool Smokin Mocha/Candace Cummins-$1,597.05

4-JCG Top Hand/Helen Groff- $1,228.50

5-Mister Lincoln/Mary Norman- $1,044.23

6-Top Speed Mazeratti/Richard Peden- $859.95

7- Flying H Lucky Lindy/Kelli Heins- $737.10

8-Class In Style/Dennis Stewart- $614.25

9-Justa Gold N Kid/Lisa Eikenberry- $491.40

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