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Complete Results From SOQHA Madness- More Than 12,500 AQHA Entries!

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Select High Point Champion, Anne Wilson with Give Me The Goods

By: Brittany Bevis

Well, that’s a wrap! Nine days and more than 12,500 total AQHA entries later, and the Southern Ohio Quarter Horse Association Madness was just that! Madness! An Equine Production reports that the traditionally huge show was even larger this year with an almost 500 entry increase.

Highlights at the show included The Equine Chronicle Novice Horse Western Pleasure, which awarded a $15,000 check to Katy Jo Zuidema riding Knockin It Out for Kathryn Frederick. The Reserve Champion and winner of $7,500 was Aaron Moses with Snap It Send It for Kent Ray Taylor. Third was Kelby Hutchinson with Don’t Know Don’t Care, winning $5,000 for Capall Creek Farm.

Also, the Maiden Western Pleasure Slot class awarded a $15,000 check to the winner. Rusty Green rode The Beat Gos On to a big win for Natasha Blanchard. The Reserve Champion was Randy Wilson with Battmans Vital Gal, winning $7,500 for Ron Shelly. Third was Jason English with Sure Am Southern, winning $5,000 for Marilyn White.

Congratulations to the High Point Champions at the show! Elden Fredenburg and MWS Flashed N Chock were named the Small Fry winners. The Reserve Champion was Shayne Gilliam with Chocolatey Special K. Third was Alexandra Ripeeon with Famous N Foolish. Fourth was Skylar Herrnstein with Annie Lost Her Socks. Fifth was Eleanor Ott with Krymsun N Kool.

The L1 Amateur Walk-Jog Champion was Valerie Dauwe with Shes N Control. Reserve was Tina Kern with Time To Flatline. The L1 Youth Walk/Jog Champion was Magic Like This. The Reserve Champion was Caden Craft with This Selections Hot.

The L1 Amateur Champion was Katie Mitchell with Sure Enough Lazy. The Reserve Champion was Hanna Hedderick with Icecream. Third was Jennifer Olds with Looking Willy Good. Fourth was Amanda Moore with Repeat As Necessary. Fifth was Jordan Ferguson with I Am Batt Man.

The Amateur Champion was Kaleena Weakly with Dontskipmygoodimage. The Reserve Champion was Sarah Lebsock with Version Of Goodbar. Third was Emma Brown with Some Hot Potential. Fourth was Sydney Anson with KM Raised To Be Best. Fifth was Kaitlin Ricker with Party In The Clouds.

The Select Champion was Anne Wilson with Give Me The Goods. The Reserve Champion was Debra Craig with PF Put It In Park. Third was Joe Whitt with Rumors Only. Fourth was Angela Dillahunty with Won RV Ridin Machine. Fifth was Marty Hayes with Sleepy Lil Rascal.

The L1 Youth Champion was Nichole Pezan with Soo Sophisticated. The Reserve Champion was Jillian Jeerson with Cowboy Causin Mayhem. Third was Blaise Runyon with Good As Always. Fourth was Taylor Leone with Sleepin In On Sunday. Fifth was Allyson Schuster with Gotta Lotta Lazy.

The 13 and Under Champion was Scoot Augsburger with Huntin For Candy. The Reserve Champion was Emma Gore with My Only Good Shoes. Third was Jillian Jeerson with Cowboy Causin Mayhem. Fourth was Nichole Pezan with Soo Sophisticated. Fifth was Kendel Bacjey with Makem Hot.

The 14-18 Champion was Cat Guenther with Zippos Kat Man Do. The Reserve Champion was Ellexxah Maxwell with Zips Bossy Chip. Third was Jillian Stopperich with One Hot Big Leaguer. Fourth was Taylor Leone with Sleepin In On Sunday. Fifth was Kendall McClintock with For The Love Of Gold.

The Open Champion was Cruize for Sabrina Janis. The Reserve Champion was Hil Have A Taco for Lori Grossnickle. Third was She Had Me At Hello for Michael Vargo. Fourth was Whose Your Bay Bae for Kelly Birkenholtz. Fifth was Mystic Invitation for Martha Fabry.

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