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Cash In On Ranch Riding at AZ Sun Circuit

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AZ Sun Circuit


Must be L1 eligible in AQHA Ranch Riding to compete in L1 Ranch on the Rail and L1 Ranch Trail

  • Champion- $2.500 and Buckle
  • Reserve- $1,500 and Saddle Pad
  • Third- $1,000 and Bronc Halter

Classes that will  be counted towards the award include: L1 Ranch Trail, L1 Ranch Riding, L1 Ranch on Rail, 3 yr. old Stallions, Aged Stallions, Open Performance Halter Stallions, 3 yr. old Geldings, Aged Gelding, Open Performance Halter Geldings,  3 yr. old Mares, Aged Mares, Open Performance Halter Mares

2D Ranch Riding Jackpot Classes

$1,000 Added 2D Jr. Ranch Riding – Class 8004 Tuesday 3/2 

$1,000 Added 2D Sr. Ranch Riding – Class 8005 Tuesday 3/2 

$1,000 Added 2D L1 Amateur Ranch Riding – Class 8006 Wednesday 3/3 

$1,000 Added 2D Select Ranch Riding – Class 8007 Wednesday 3/3 

$1,000 Added 2D Amateur Ranch Riding – Class 8008 Wednesday 3/3

2D Ranch Riding Jackpot Class Format

All classes run concurrently with the regularly scheduled AQHA class on the date shown with 3 judges. Entry fee is $50.

Must pay the specified entry fee by 5 pm the day prior to the class. All added money and entry fees will be divided equally between the 1D and 2D Divisions. 100% of entry fees for the respective Ranch Riding jackpot class will be paid back. Each D pays three places to the highest composite scoring horses entered in the respective jackpot class. 1D is the highest 3 scoring composite horses. 2D payout begins at 21 points below the highest composite score.

Example: In a three judge Ranch Riding class, the high scoring horse scores a 74, 74 and a 76 for a Composite score of 224. The (jackpot entered) high score horse and next two highest scores will split the 1D purse. 2D Payout will begin 21 points less at 203 and the three highest scores at 203 or below will be paid the 2D payout. Each payout will be split 45%, 35%, 20%.

Ties: Total Payout will be split amongst tied horses. A minimum of three places paid. Example: If five horses score a 203, the total purse will be split among the five horses. If two horses score a 203, 1st and 2nd money will be totaled, then split evenly  between the two tied horses. If 3rd place had three tied horses, third place money will be split evenly among the tied horses.

Online entries open January 11th at

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