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Big News For TSQHA Shows- The 5 For 4 Option

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An Equine Production

As with the rest of the world, the COVID-19 situation is drastically affecting our lives and our desired horse showing. However, TSQHA has made some great changes (PENDING AQHA approval) to our roster of shows. The May 9-10 show with three judges is being cancelled. The May 29-31 show with five judges is still hopefully happening. Pending approval, the August and September shows will each have five judges and follow the show format of the Summer Celebration show tentatively being held the end of May.

But, here comes the great news! For both the August and September shows, pending AQHA approval, we will have five judges at each show. But you will only pay for the cost of four judges. In addition, the stall rate for both the August and September shows will be for two days and not three days. (Drug and office charges will be billed for five shows.)

We hope that you will continue to support the TSQHA shows. We are working to finalize the approval changes and updated the showbills as quickly as possible. Details will be made available at and

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