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AQHA Horse Transactions, Memberships Reflect Growth in Industry

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The American Quarter Horse Association saw an impressive year of growth in 2021, and the statistics for AQHA membership, horse registrations and transfers, shows, races and more can now be found in the 2021 AQHA Annual Report.

“At our annual AQHA convention, I was excited to share increases across four key facets of our business: memberships, registration applications received, stallion breeding reports and transfer reports,” said Chad Pierce, AQHA interim executive vice president.

The 2022 AQHA Convention was February 25-28 in Las Vegas. Many of these statistics can be seen, in detail, in the 2021 AQHA Annual Report.

“Horse transactions reflect growth in our industry, with registration applications received increasing by 6%. The 11.4% increase in mares bred on stallion breeding reports shows us more stallions are breeding more mares, which trend as more registered American Quarter Horses in 2022 and onward. The 14% increase in transfer reports shows thriving interest in equine activities as horses change ownership.”

Membership increased almost 2%, a trend that began at the end of 2020 and continued through 2021. Of the more than 230,000 AQHA members, nearly 30,000 were brand-new members.

Highlights in the 2021 AQHA Annual Report include:

  • 2% membership increase- 226,577 (2020) to 230,514
  • 14% transfer increase- 108,211 (2020) to 123,727
  • 11.4% mares bred increase- 89,798 (2020) to 100,070
  • 6% registration application received increase- 81,400 (2020) to 86,714

“AQHA’s annual report also gives members insight into the Association’s functions, goals and how AQHA operates as a business with our focus on service in the most efficient way possible,” Pierce said.

View the 2021 AQHA Annual Report or download the executive summary at

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