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ApHC Youth Competitors Whose 2020 Show Season Was Affected by COVID Can Now Apply For Waiver

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If 2020 is your last year of eligibility to show in ApHC youth classes, and if your 2020 show season was negatively impacted by COVID-19 thereby causing you to be unable to complete your Youth Superior Achievement Champion award, you may apply to ApHC for a waiver to allow you to continue to earn points in 2021 toward this award.

Please mail your request to:
Appaloosa Horse Club
Attn: Youth Coordinator
2720 W Pullman Rd.
Moscow, ID 83843
or email your request to youth@appaloosa.com.

You must indicate your desire to compete in 2021 and the number of points needed (and in which classes) in order to achieve your youth superior achievement award.

Your request is DUE by December 10, 2020. It will then be reviewed by the ApHC Executive Committee. If approved, you will compete in 2021 as a non-pro and will earn non-pro points. However, points earned in non-pro classes may be added to your Youth Superior Achievement tally in order to allow you this one-time opportunity to complete that award. Example: if you need 15 showmanship points to complete your youth award, points earned in non-pro showmanship can be counted toward this youth requirement in order to allow you to attain the award.

Mail or email your request containing all pertinent details no later than December 10 to allow time to process and review your request prior to the start of the 2021 calendar/show year.

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