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AEP’s Most Frequently Asked AQHA Rulebook Questions For 2022

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Always a popular list year after year, An Equine Production has released their most frequently asked questions for the 2022 AQHA rulebook. Keep in mind that the official rule book is always the most accurate reference guide, but this is a great image to save to your smart phone as a handy reference.


Rule VIO403.8 pg. 43- Forms must be turned in within one hour of administration. If the show office is closed, they must be turned in within one hour of the office being opened the next morning. If you have a horse on the grounds, and they’re not being shown, still file a medication form, in the event it is shown. Have a question on a specific medication/timing? Call the Medication Hotline: 1-800-633-2472.


Rule SHW245 Eligibility pg. 99– Points are based on Nov. 1st-Oct. 31st of each year. If you show a horse at any horse show from Nov. 1st 2022- Dec. 31st, 2022 the points earned will not be counted for 2023 eligibility. They are counted for 2024 eligibility. This applies for L1 Amateur and Youth (Novice) eligibility as well. Horses competing in Level 1 (Green) classes may not have won $2,500 or more in any equine organization or association in that class. Still 25 points per class to apply.

Performance Classes- pg. 131, Rule SHW 400– Performance classes that are individually worked (Ranch Riding, Reining, Working Cow Horse, Boxing, Western Riding, Barrels, Poles, Jumping, Working Hunter, Trail, Ranch Trail, Roping, Team Penning, Sorting, and Cutting) you can show the following:

All Age Open– A total of 4 horses can be exhibited. (No stipulation on how many of each age)

Junior or Level 1 Junior- 3 horses may be shown

Senior or Level 1 Senior– 3 horses may be shown

Leveled classes– A total of 4 horses may be shown (no stipulation on how many of each level)

Leveled Rail classes– ( example) If the L2 and L3 Senior Western Pleasure classes are not concurrent, you can show one in the L2 and another horse in the L3. If concurrent, only one horse can be shown.

Versatility Ranch Horse

SHW 461.1 pg. 180- No horse may cross enter Trail AND Ranch Trail OR Trail and VRH Trail regardless of division.

SHW 562 pg. 246- No horse may cross enter Reining AND VRH Reining regardless of division. Any time there are enough categories (3) involving VRH classes to have an All-Around named (conformation, cattle, and 1 other performance class), that becomes a VRH show on its own- those classes can’t be part of the original show. Separate AQHA processing fee will apply.

SHW 567.1 pg. 254- To be eligible to compete in the VRH conformation, the horse must be shown in at least TWO riding classes in the same division at the same show.

Odds and Ends

SHW 605.1 and 605.2- Working Hunter Under Saddle- Horse must be shown in at least ONE over fence class in ANY division at that show and may not cross enter into the Hunter Under Saddle at the same show.

Can an adult child and the child’s mom show the same horse in BOTH Amateur Showmanship and Select Showmanship? NO. One, if L1 eligible, could show in the L1 and the other in the age appropriate class.

Can an exhibitor of select age show one horse in Amateur Showmanship and ANOTHER horse in Select Showmanship? YES.

Can an exhibitor show the same horse in Ranch Riding and Western Pleasure (including WJ Western Pleasure) at the SAME show? NO. SHW416.2.

Can an exhibitor show one horse in the L1 Amateur Walk/Jog Trail and another horse in the loping Trail? NO. However, a child could show the WJ Trail and an adult could show in the loping Trail.

Can an exhibitor show the same horse in the WJ Horsemanship and the Loping Western Pleasure? YES.

Non-Owned Horses– Can be shown by an L1 Amateur/Youth in the appropriate L1 class? YES. At non-top 10 shows, the horse can be shown without additional paperwork. At Top 10 shows, permits can be required.

Performance Halter- New For 2022- If your horse has a ROM in ANY division, the horse is eligible to show Performance Halter in any division. If the horse does NOT have a ROM, you must show in a PERFORMANCE class in ANY division at that show. Showmanship and WJ classes do not count.

Exhibitor Levels- It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to know their CORRECT levels.

World Show Qualifier’s Handbook– “Points earned by a youth from August 1st to December 31st in the year he/she turns 19 years of age will count toward Amateur Qualification for the upcoming Amateur World Show. This applies for youth who meet amateur eligibility/membership requirements as of January 1st.

Though this is designated as a quick reference guide, at ALL Times, refer to the AQHA rulebook.

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