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3 Reserves and Finally a World Championship for Laura Rankin in Equitation at AQHA Youth World

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Laura with Lainie

By: Brittany Bevis

Most riders, who compete at the AQHA Youth World Show, dream of taking home a golden globe, or a trophy of any kind, for that matter. Laura Rankin finally achieved her dream during her last Youth World class in 14-18 Equitation with Exclusively Urs QRHC.

Earlier in the show, 19-year-old Laura and her 8-year-old gelding, “Bentley,” were named the Reserve Champions in three classes: Working Hunter L2, Equitation Over Fences L2 and Equitation Over Fences L3. Suffice to say, they were ready for a gold. But it wouldn’t be easy. Today’s Equitation Finals pattern had everything but the kitchen sink. First off, riders rode with no stirrups. There were extended trots, extended canters, two lead changes, and a two track section with plenty of maneuvering. While it might seem daunting to some competitors, Laura felt ready.

“I wanted to carry enough pace to keep him moving through it. It needed to flow and, without your stirrups, it was easy to get caught up behind the motion. We struggled with our lead changes two nights ago, so Lainie made the decision, with my consent, to do a simple lead change, because he has a very good simple lead change. We were going to get docked points if we did the flying. I really liked my sitting trot circle, extended canter, and simple lead changes. This summer, I rode one horse a day without stirrups.”

Laura’s favorite class is one that perfectly blend her love of Over Fences with Equitation. “My favorite class is Equitation Over Fences. It isn’t your typical Hunter class. You have rollbacks and trot jumps. It’s a lot of fun.”

Laura isn’t the only Rankin lady competing here at the Youth World. Her 13-year-old sister, Emma, is headed back into the 13 and Under Equitation with Olena Steals Ur King. Both ladies compete under the guidance of Lainie DeBoer.

The Reserve Champion was Ellexxah Maxwell with Zips Bossy Chip. Third was Natalie Vargo with Dancin N The Dirt. Fourth was Harley Huff with GW Jack Bar. Fifth was Nya Kearns its BMQ Stop For Traffic.

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Posted by The Equine Chronicle on Friday, August 10, 2018


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