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$1,000 Added For Circuit Awards at EMO Celebration in June

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Celebrate this: $1,000 payouts for circuit awards at The EMO Celebration, June 30-July 10, 2022. ($1,000 added to most classes*)

$1,000 payout will be paid as follows:

  • Circuit Champion – $500
  • Reserve Circuit Champion – $300
  • 3rd place in Circuit – $200

Walk Trot Circuit Champions will receive buckles. (Walk Trot classes will not have $1,000 added) Exhibitors must show all three times class the class is offered to qualify for circuit payouts or Walk Trot awards.

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The following classes have $1,000 payouts:

  • Youth Ranch Trail
  • Amateur Ranch Trail
  • Select Ranch Trail
  • Ranch Trail
  • Open Cutting
  • Amt Cutting
  • Youth Cutting
  • L1 Youth Ranch Riding
  • Youth Ranch Riding
  • L1 Amt Ranch Riding
  • Amt Select Ranch Riding
  • Amt Ranch Riding
  • L1 Ranch Riding
  • Junior Ranch Riding
  • Senior Ranch Riding
  • L1 Youth Reining
  • Youth Reining
  • L1 Amt Reining
  • Amt Select Reining
  • Amt Reining
  • Junior Reining
  • Senior Reining
  • Junior Working Cow Horse
  • Senior Working Cow Horse
  • Youth Working Cow Horse
  • Youth Cow Horse Boxing
  • Amt Working Cow Horse
  • Amt  Cow Horse Boxing
  • Amateur Ranch Rail
  • Open Ranch On The Rail
  • Youth Ranch Rail
  • Pleasure Driving
  • Amt Pleasure Driving
  • Yth Perf. Halter Geldings
  • Youth Perf. Halter Mares
  • Am Perf. Halter Geldings
  • Perf. Halter Geldings
  • Am Perf. Halter Mares
  • Perf Halter Mares
  • L1 Youth Showmanship
  • L2 Youth Showmanship
  • L3 Yth Showmanship
  • L1 Amt Showmanship
  • L1 Amt Select Showmanship
  • L2 Amt Select Showmanship
  • L3 Amt Select Showmanship
  • L2 Amt Showmanship
  • L3 Amt Showmanship
  • L1 Youth Western Riding
  • Youth Western Riding
  • L1 Amt Western Riding
  • Amt Select Western Riding
  • L1 Western Riding
  • Junior Western Riding
  • Amt Western Riding
  • L2 Senior Western Riding
  • L3 Senior Western Riding
  • L1 Youth Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Youth Hunt Seat Equitation
  • L1 Amt Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Amt Select Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Amt Hunt Seat Equitation
  • L2 Senior Trail
  • L3 Senior Trail
  • L1 Amt Trail
  • L1 Amt Select Trail
  • L2 Amt Trail
  • L3 Amt Trail
  • L2 Amt Select Trail
  • L3 Amt Select Trail
  • L1 Trail
  • Youth Trail
  • Junior Trail
  • L1 Western Pleasure
  • L1 Youth Western Pleasure
  • Youth Western Pleasure
  • Junior Western Pleasure
  • L1 Amt Select  Pleasure
  • Amt Select Western Pleasure
  • L1 Amt Western Pleasure
  • Amt Western Pleasure
  • Senior Western Pleasure
  • L1 Youth Horsemanship
  • L2 Youth Horsemanship
  • L3 Youth  Horsemanship
  • L1 Amt Select Horsemanship
  • L2 Amt Select Horsemanship
  • L3 Am Select Horsemanship
  • L1 Am Horsemanship
  • L2 Amt Horsemanship
  • L3 Amt Horsemanship
  • L1 Hunter Under Saddle
  • L1 Youth Hunter Under Saddle
  • Youth Hunter Under Saddle
  • Junior Hunter Under Saddle
  • L1 Amt Hunter Under Saddle
  • Select Hunter Under Saddle
  • Amt Hunter Under Saddle
  • Senior Hunter Under Saddle


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For class lists, schedules and complete details visit The Celebration Las Vegas.

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